Suggestion: add implants and boosters in the fitting simulation

The left panel of the fitting window seems to be able to hold one more tab in Hardware, named Implants & Boosters, and an icon above drone and cargo bay, where it would open aditional wndow for pilot with implants and boosters like for drones, where u could add and remove implants and boosters.

That tab in hardware would hold all the implants that give effects to ship, and in simulation mode u could unplug and simulate different implants and drugs without destroying them.

Images how it could look:

With Pilot window open:

Fits would be saved with pilot, like the drone bay contents are saved.

Pilot icon would be inactive when not simulating.

Because now u cant simulate different effects that u can have in head and see at the same time in stats for ship on the right. Which is awful.

I know its a lot of programming and testing, and there is pyfa, but pyfa will not always be updated so you may consider that as alternative.



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Excellent proposal.


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To be 100% honest, I’m concerned this feature would detract players from using a proper fitting manager like pyfa. CCP didn’t design their fitting simulation to compete with pyfa - they know it falls short and they don’t pretend that is is a tenth as good or feature complete, and adding this feature makes the training wheels that much harder to remove. Ever since CCP added fitting simulation, it’s been harder to ween our members off the simulator onto the tools the big boys use.

But I have to admit… the infrastructure and UI is already there and few modifications would be required to accommodate it. Your UI draft is pretty good, too. With the greatest reluctance I have to support this idea and acknowledge that it is, in fact, a great idea… :rage:

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also a “max skills” toggle button to see what the same ship would be like with max skills

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I’ll have you know that Cannibal Kane, one of the biggest big boys of his era, not once used a 3rd party fitting tool. He only ever used the in game tool, which had less functionality than the current one.

The big boys, my friend, can do with less, not more. In any case do I applaud you for being able to pull your ego back and admit that it’s a good idea. Just rest assured that using a 3rd party tool doesn’t make you a big boy.

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