Implants & Boosters in Fitting Window

Suggestion: include the effects of implants and boosters in the ship fitting tool
Keywords: booster, implant, fitting, simulate
Note: It would be excellent if we could also apply the effects of implants and boosters to the stats for ship fits and simulated fits. Just like the simulate function in the ship fitting, we should be able to select any implant or booster to see how it would affect the ship stats.

I’m not sure I support anything special like that, but at least the affected stats should show green like the ones that skills change do.

May be a while before this works, it and similar ideas were asked about as soon as it was released.

The fitting tool only has the capability to read the current player in their current state (their current skills and current implants). It cannot yet conceive any kind of effect that is not influencing the player in real time.

So in order to make fits with the desired implants/boosters you’ll have to be using them at the time you’re using the fitting tool.

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