Fitting simulator

What about add implants to fitting simulator
What about to add projection effect on own ship as neutralizers , dampeners etc.
Like they are in 3rd party tools.


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Because all those things are for 3rd party tools and not for the Fitting Simulator.

The Fitting Simulator was made to Simulate a Ship with the Pod and Skills you have at that moment. Nothing more and nothing less.

The issue of implants has come up before and CCP Karkur has indicated that it isn’t trivial to do in the game.

The game uses whatever clone you are in when using the fitting simulator (including accounting for the implants it has). Not perfect, but CCP always indicated that they didn’t want to completely replace the value of EFT, PyFA, etc.


thanks for explanation :wink:

Would it kill people to scroll down the page once in a while?

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It’s too bad. They should go ahead and replace the value of EFT and PyFA.
EFT is no longer being developed, as far as I know, and PyFA is laggy.

It’d also be nice to see how flyable a ship fit was for someone with lower skills. “How hard would it be to get Day-Old Alpha into this craft” as opposed to “If I was wearing my EWAR clone, or bought an EWAR implant, or trained That One skill to 5, what could I fit”?

why yes, it would. What you don’t know is there is a tiny bomb in their cranium that will blow up if they give more than an ounce of attention to looking for a similar idea before posting their own.
It’s a sad fact of life that they must always appear vacuous, never considering another persons thoughts for fear of a sudden, fatal, headache.

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