Simulated Ship Fitting

I once saw someone show off a fit which I simulated and found that not only did I get the warning I lacked the skills to use, but I didn’t have enough powergrid. I realized this was because he had the skill to reduce power requirement on his turrets. looking at his fit was simple curiosity so it didn’t matter too much. But I realized there was a part which did matter. I want to know how much damage 3 catalysts fit for an alpha strike would do and what it would take to survive that. I then realized when I put a fit from zkillboard into my simulation, it would give what these guys would have with my skills and I wanted to assume the worst of them having the maximum skills. So do I just have to calculate this manually?

Gankers will always bring more than enough firepower to do the job, no matter what your fit is or how much tank you have. The best way avoid being ganked is to not make yourself a target in the first place…

That’s fine advice, but I still don’t see how to simulate someone else’s ship which was the main thing I was wondering about.

Easiest way to do that is to use Pyfa. Load up the fit that they used, set all relevant skills to 5 and see what the DPS comes out to.

Pyfa is indeed the best tool to do this in.

Unfortunately you cannot with the fitting simulation in game. You can use 3rd party tools though.

Last i heard Pyfa was still a thing.

P stands for python… does that mean i need to learn Python to use it? This is going to take a bit of time


5 words

All you need to learn is how the program (written in python) works, but it’s pretty straightforward.

Ok thanks

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