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Hi, I would like to know where I can find ship fitting exemples, tips, stats, fitting advice for PvP and Pve…
I tried to look on zkill but all I seem to get are the fittings of destroyed ships, not the ones that caused the destruction.
Is there a way to know if my ships are fitted properly?
I have seen Pyfa in help video but that still doesn’t tell me if what I input is correct.

Oh boy, will this open a can of worms. Everyone has a different opinion in this.

A good overview is at Fitting ships - EVE University Wiki
There is also a fitting section guide somewhere in game of suggested new player friendly fittings for various tasks.

The “losses” in zkill will be a reasonable place to start - though dig a little. See if the player who lost that ship has a good number of kills with it as well. It’s not just “died because of bad fit” quite often it’s “took on something that beat me” or “had a bad day” or just “stuff happened”. A good fit is not an automatic win: imagine two players fighting with optimal fits. One will win, one will loose.

In general, fighting a player is very different to fighting an NPC. It’s a lot shorter and more violent than you may be expecting - active defences may not have time to contribute much, cap stability isn’t terribly important (one of you will be dead before it is!) and so forth. Punch hard and be able to soak the punches you get back.


There is no single answer to a ‘properly fit’ ship, there will be many different options that could all work well, and depending on the situation you want to use the ship in, some options may be a little faster or stronger, or cheaper than others, at the cost of other stats.

Ship fitting is usually a list of choices, and while there are some bad choices that you want to avoid (fitting both shield and armor tank on one ship, mixing guns, etc.) even those ‘bad choices’ may be good in some situations.

I would say a good way to know if your ships are fitted properly is to ask some other players, friends, corp members, what they think of it. They might have some input about things you may have missed.

The two tools I use to get my ship fits are (you’ve mentioned them both):

Pyfa is a fitting tool that allows you to easily simulate any fit, skill and even effects or damage application of other ships on your ship fit. While the ingame fitting tool is decent, Pyfa can do a lot more and more easily.

Zkillboard allows you to see the fit of any killed player ship (if someone uploaded the kill), and see what killed them.

You can copy any fit you find on zkillboard, ingame or elsewhere to import it to Pyfa. In Pyfa you can easily change and simulate various modules and different choices to see what effect they have on the fit, which makes it a good tool to figure out which choices you can make.

Zkillboard is a good place for inspiration. As you have noticed it only lists the fittings of destroyed ships, but that does not necessarily mean the fits are bad. Any ship can die, even good fits.

While I wouldn’t simply copy-paste fits from Zkillboard to use them, what I do is look through losses of many of the type of ship I want to fit to see the various choices they have made: Does their fit seem OK to me? What was the intention of their fit? What mid-slots do they use? Low slots? Weapon system? Why would they have made certain choices? Would that also be useful for me?

Find a few fits, copy them to Pyfa, see if you understand why they chose those modules (note: some fits are bad or made bad choices, don’t try to understand everyone :stuck_out_tongue: ) and then make a few versions of fits based on that information, and try out the fit that seems best.

A nice trick to get the fitting of the ship that caused the destruction is to click on the name of the player who caused the destruction and filter for their losses. Very often if someone is flying a ship more regularly they will have lost a few, which can give you their fit.


I want to piggyback on what others have said and say that not all destroyed ships are equal. Some are bad fits yes, but Eve PvP has elements of rock-paper-scissors. But it goes beyond fits.

How? Well, sometimes the losses are good fits but bad matchups. You can sleuth these matchups via the zKill entries marked „solo“. So not only would you look for fits, but also pay attention to the ship hull and weapon they lost to.

This will help you not only figure out where a fit belongs in the rock-paper-scissors triangle but also establish the actual relationships between different fits. When you see a fit that is dead on zKill, but it matches the hull and weapon type of a killer in another zKill entry, you can sometimes start to piece together the capabilities of the dead hull. I say sometimes because the mid slots are what’s missing (and very important) so your developed intuition will come into play. This is important to understanding deeper what a fit does, what it can beat, and what beats it.


There is also

You can use this and zkill together to put together a fit.

To be honest: Not really.
I’ve got badly fitted ships that never were attacked and fly around for years. And I’ve had got high end fighting furies that did not survive their first fight.
So it’s mostly communication and research that helps you in fitting issues: You can ask corpmates or join public roams, you can ask in public channels (e.g. help chats) - and you can browse the kill history of strong players who seem to play your style of game. Even they lose ships from time to time, and these are easily accessible on zkillboard.
Additionally, there are fitting examples for many common T1 ships provided in the game in the fitting window.

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Thank you so much guys!
I found this thread that will also help tremendously. And it has fitting exemples for a lot of ships!

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