Fitting Ships

hey guys im sort of new to eve and im getting very frustrated im trying to fit out my ships and nothing is working .I dont no what fittings i need can someone plz help me cheers


Ok… What ships can you use and what is their intended purpose ?


maybe a little unorthodox but you can check EVE Uni Wiki and just look through.
Usualy they have some fitting tips.

Here is an example…

You can also find more ships to browse and read about at the bottom.

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The ingame fitting window has a lot of community fitting suggestions for newbie ships.

Or you could ask in rookie chat, people will be happy to link you a fit or channel with fits there.

Practically, it depends on what ship you’re flying and what you want to use it for. Some ships are better than others at particular tasks, but you don’t have to use one for it’s designated task - I fly a Slasher (a frigate intended to use modules that can slow down other ships, prevent them from warping and make it easier to attack them) for exploration and mild PvE combat. It’s not optimised for doing that at all - I fly it because it looks like an X-Wing.

For some basic example fits, I’d recommend The Alpha’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Mechanically, your ship has three main (relevant) attributes: Powergrid, CPU, and Capacitor. Modules that you fit to your ship will take up a certain amount of Powergrid and CPU, and potentially some of your Capacitor. If you don’t have enough Powergrid or CPU left, you can’t fit the module.

Some modules use up Capacitor. Your Capacitor will regenerate itself over time at a certain rate. If your Capacitor will still regenerate even with all your modules, then your fit is “cap-stable” - you can turn everything on at once and keep them running indefinitely. Otherwise, if you turn everything on, it will drain your Capacitor, and you won’t be able to use the modules anymore, or jump to warp - until your Capacitor has recharged, anyway.

High slots mainly hold weapons, probe launchers, and mining lasers. Your ship has a certain amount of “turret hardpoints” and “launcher hardpoints” - these are the number of turret/mining lasers (turrets) and rocket/missile launchers (launchers) you can fit into your high slots. For example, a Slasher frigate has four high slots, but it only has three turret hardpoints, and no launcher hardpoints, so I can only equip it with three guns - the fourth high slot has to be used for something else.

Mid slots, or medium slots, can hold analyzers, afterburners and microwarpdrives, shield modules, EWAR modules, and a whole lot more.

  • Analyzers are used in exploration, to hack into data and relic sites. Read up on exploration and complete the “Exploration” career agent missions if you want to know more.
  • Afterburners and microwarpdrives give your ship a speed boost. Afterburners give you a 100% boost (so you go at 2x speed). Microwarpdrives give you a 500% boost (so you go at 6x speed), but they also increase your signature radius (how big your ship appears on enemy targeting systems) by 500%, so it’s 6x easier to shoot you. They’re also harder to fit.
  • EWAR modules (electronic warfare) are modules that affect other ship’s systems. They can slow down enemy ships, disable their warp drives, scramble their targeting systems to make it harder for them to hit anything, or paint targets to make it easier for you to hit them.
  • Shield modules affect the strength of your shields. Some of them give you a boost against one particular damage type (EM, thermal, kinetic, explosive). Some of them give you a boost against all damage types. Some of them give your shields a big boost, but they are active modules, so they can be turned on and off, and they use up Capacitor when turned on.

Low slots hold modules that directly affect the structure of your ship, such as armor upgrades, cargohold expanders, inertial stabilizers (make you align faster), nanofiber internal structures (make your ship lighter and faster), overdrive injectors (boost engine power), and warp core stabilizers (make it harder to prevent you going to warp). Low slot modules always have a downside that trades off against their benefits - armor makes you slower, overdrive injectors reduce cargo space, and so on.

Welcome to the community BTW!


That kind of info should also be part of the academy.


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