Returning player - program/addon/etc with fittting ideas?

So…haven’t played for years. In the old days we had things (similar to evemon) but contained all sorts of “fits” for each ship with commentary that you could look at and analyze/test. Is there anything liek that nowadays?

For example, trying to figure out idea 0.0 fits for rorqs and wow it’s a pain finding anything ‘current’ digging through all old google searches or youtube videos. Same applies to toher things, need to bring my super carrier up to speed for various tasks…it’s just such a chore, hoping there’s a source for this?

If you dont have a group, that tells you, how to fit your Rorq, then it wont live long, cause nobody will save your ISK.

If you are looking for fits check eveworkbench of good people (Hateless, Torvald, etc), cause too many randoms post shitfits.

I prefer zKill, to find fits. Just think what you wanna do and filter where you would propably die, then steal the best fit.

Zkillboard + pyfa is how I create fits.

Zkillboard gives a lot of inspriration, but you need to be able to interpret the goal of the fits you see there. But remember: zkillboard shows fits that didn’t survive, so keep using your own brain.

Sometimes their death was unrelated to the fit, but some fits are… bad.

In Pyfa you can then recreate the better fits and play around with a few optional fits to get a feeling for the choices that were made to create those fits. If you do this well, you end up with a fit that suits your playstyle best.

Alternatively, ask your corporation for Rorq and super fits. If your corporation is able to save those ships once tackled, your corporation likely has recommended fits to increase the survival rate.

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Another thing to do is understand the mechanics of modules you want to fit, understand what has stacking penalties and how this effects your fit.

As noted above review for what fits failed, and figure out where it failed in its fit.

Also think of what you final goal is and what needs to be fitted to get there. Sometimes you need to fit those required modules first and then play with meta of said modules and support modules to get everything installed.

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