Show Used Skills , Show Max Skills , Show Current Skills used in the current ghost fitting

Topic basically says it all.

In the Ghost Fitting window I would love to be able to see a list of every Skill that contributes to the fit I am currently looking at, the reason is simple I would then be able to focus on those skills to master the fit, there are often skills tied to a fit that are easily over looked because it’s not clear weather it would have an impact or not.

I think a Show Max Skills button in the ghost fitting window would also be amazing, like here is my fit, what would it look like if I have level 5 in all the skills that impact this fit, what would my tank be, my dps , this is all super important information that currently we need to goto third party tools for, most newer players and a lot of older players dont like the idea of having to or know about third party tools like pyfa.

Finally the option to copy/Paste the active skills for the current fit, As a new player I could look at a fit, hit copy active skills and then paste this link to a vet, when the vet clicks it he would get the ghost fitting of the ship at the skill levels of the new player, the vet would then be able to accurately suggest changes to the fit based on the new players actual skill levels.

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I support this. One of the best features in EFT was being able to right click a module and “change affecting still.” The popup would then list every skill that affected that module.

Fur the in-game fitting window this could be added as “train affecting still.”

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