Searching active skill queue


Corp mate of mine asked a simple question the other day and I thought why the heck not.

Should be a fairly straight forward thing, but most likely very low priority right now with Equinox being here.

Searchable active skill queue.
It could use the same search box as the skills catalogue, but when you search for something it would grey out the non-relevant skills and leave the ones that match the search query, thereby highlighting them compared to the rest.

So say you search for “drones” and you don’t have any drone skills in queue it would just grey out the whole queue (still readable, just dimmer)

but if you had a drone skill in the queue that skill would show up as normal in the queue, pseudo highlighting if you will.

I know we can search for skills and see which one has a little blue box indicating it’s in the queue… but far as I can tell there’s no way to see where in the queue it is.

How many skills are in your queue that you cant find something?

Last i recalled, know what, im gonna boot the game up to make sure im right.

Your skill queue can hold up to 150 individual lines, so it can become cumbersome to find something

But like I said, I don’t expect this to be high priority, it would just be nice to have sometimes.

Unless they goofed it, you can see a skill and see the time it has left

ok, so you can still click on the individual category to see all skills… and to the right of the skill queue is a filter for “my skills” or “can train now” you can use those to narrow down your skills in the individual skill category. like drones, i have 2 drone skills on an alt… other skills like guided missile precision, says 208 days to completion, but 1, im on an alpha alt, and 2 its paused due to being over 5 mil. and there is a search bar to search for particular skills…

yea you mentioned all that or most of that already but hovering over the the skill can give you an a pretty clear idea of where its at… GMP for me is at 208 days for training to 5 so it tells me its near the end and it is…

Try having some self control when it comes to skill queues? You don’t need to add every skill you have to a queue.