Training Queue: display the number of currently queued skills

I haven’t found a notice on the UI (Charater Sheet/Skills) how many skills are currently in the queue and what’s the maximum allowed number of queued skills.

I’d recommend putting that information in the second pane in the headline (the line with the burger menue). So it will say in the headline: “Training Queue (39/50 skills)”


I’ve never had to think about this, but can definitely see where it would come in handy, especially since the 50 skill limit is never explicitly mentioned in the in-game UI.

iirc, the only two times this limit is ever expressly mentioned in official EVE Online documentation is in the following two support pages:




And all other instances of official documentation refer to an “Unlimited” skill queue, instead of the 50 skill limited, such as:


tl:dr; +1, I support this idea.

+1 for this as well. QoL topic would be perfect for this. @CCP_karkur this should be something easy to implement wouldn’t it?

Hover over the “PAUSE” button in the skill queue…



Well that’s news to me, and counter intuitive as all heck. Thanks for sharing, learning new things each day.

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What a bad idea to put that info in a tooltip on a “rather not touch”-button

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