Unlimited skill queue != unlimited

Can the ‘unlimited’ skill queue false advertisement be adjusted to, unlimited queue time thru 50 max skills queued.

alpha’s have 24h queue so they say it is unlimited on omega and that is correct looking at time limit.

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Oh for the days we had to sent alarm clocks because there was no skill queue at all.

Not worth complaining over the max skills limit. 50 is better than 0.


but 50 is not unlimited.

So what?

Your skill queue is not time limited.

I currently have about 30 skills in mine and the length is 427 days. There’s no limit on the time, which alphas have (24 hours and no more skills can be added).

It’s such a minor issue, it’s not worth worrying about.

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I remember when they added a 72 hour queue. That was a grace when it was added.


That is right, but where did you read “unlimited” without asterisk?

That’s sad, isn’t it?


50 skils is a limit right but it can rum for 1000 days … no limit on the runtime
on the other side … i made a skillplan with 50 skills a time ago and i was sure this time i dont change it … i am changing it all the time … skill here skill there … oh this would be cool or **** i NEED this skill now …

i dont know if there is anyone who add 50 skills and wait until its done …

but you are right … 50 skills is not unlimited

guess this thread should not be in the new players part of the forum?


It would be difficult to set up a que with 50 skills and not touch it until completed. 50 is plenty it would seem.

50 skills feels forever anyways. Who the hell is going to wait almost 3 years for their queue to finish?

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