Do I have to wait several days to add a skill for training to my que? Is there a way to speed that up? Im doing the new player experience

If you are alpha clone, upgrading to Omega speeds ypur training up. You should be able to add more skills in the queue. I thought i read they removed the 24 hr thing for alphas

You can add any skill you want to your skill queue, provided:

  • you have injected the skillbook
  • you have the prerequisite skills trained, or already in the queue above it

So no, you don’t need to wait to add skills to the skill queue.

You will need to wait to learn the skills, which happens automatically while you are playing and while you are offline.

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Yes, chose simple skills. They will be done within minutes, and you can queue up to 50 skills you have already injected, in Omega state even more.

Have a look at this basic skill plan, but you should not start with Thermodynamics, it’s quite expensive and needs some experience to be used properly. For the impatient: Short skill plan

What is the skillbook where do I get that? All my skills are saying 3 days or longer so it wont let me drag them into the que

Alpha clone is that a group, so for example I think Im AIR laboratories

Can you share the message you get? Screenshot, or otherwise?

I think you should be able to keep adding more skills to the skill queue (up to 50) regardless of how long they are, at least up to a limit that’s far beyond 3 days.

If you didnt give ccp any money when joining, you are an alpha

Alpha is the extended trial version that costs nothing to play.

For everything else and more benefits ships etc. Youd need to give ccp money to subscribe to play the game

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Pretty sure they did.

Even as Alpha you should be able to keep adding new skills to your queue far beyond 24 hours now, or far beyond 3 days in OPs case.

I thought 50 skills is the alpha limit now in the skill queue, and with 50 queued skills you’re far past 3 days.

So, I don’t understand what the problem is, unless there is a tutorial limitation I’m not aware of? Or perhaps it’s a misunderstanding of the skill queue?

Skil Book is how yu train teh skills.
Yu can buy skils direkly by rite-clik & choose yur options:
Yu can clik on “buy skill book & train” or
Yu can clik on " See Markt details" & that wil take yu to the Markt. Park your ship in a tradhub like Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Hek… before you buy skil(books) so yu can hav cheeper books from teh markt.

Alpha is teh demo version of teh game.
Omega is teh paid subskripshun.

I have 129 days of trainin in my skil cue.

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