Missing skills?

Hi Is like my first week at the gane and some of the skills i drag out from the inventory to the skill queque dissapear, and some of them were quite expensive, sometimes the help says that ir doesnt Fit the queque but then i cant see the skills even looking trought the skill panel, o would like to know where dos they go and if they got lost For ever, im just evaluating the gane to ser ir Is worth of becoming Omega but till that im a free to play user, thanks for reading (and sorry for my broken english)

You don’t normally train skill from the inventory window. Skills in your inventory are actually skill books which you have to inject to learn. Once you inject them, they disappear from the inventory but you now know the skill and can train it.

Normally, you use the top of the skill queue window to select which skills you wish to train and drag them to the bottom window to arrange the queue. The skills that disappeared for you may have actually been injected so you can train them like normal. Otherwise, check all your inventory spaces including youth main hanger and those of your ships to see if it ended up there.

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The skill tab in the character sheet can be a bit frustrating until you figure it out. There is a drop down box:

  • All skills shows every skill in the category - whether or not you own the skillbook.
  • My Skills shows skills where you own and have injected the skillbook - whether or not you have trained the skill or have the prerequisites to do so.
  • Can train now shows skills you have injected and have the prerequisites for but have not yet trained to level 5.
  • Have Prerequisites for shows skills you could train if you had the skillbook injected.

Use the My Skills choice to see all the skills you have injected. You’ll need to cycle through the categories. Then use Can train now to select skills to add to your queue.

If you are an Alpha you can only add skills that start within 24 hours (they can finish later than that). As an Omega you can add up to 50 skills of any duration. Skills that won’t fit will still be injected - you simply can’t start training them until your queue drops below 24 hours.


Yeah, the process is:

  • You buy skill books from the market.
  • You drag them to your character sheet (or associated training queue) to inject them into your head at level 0. This lists the skill in your character sheet, under the Skills section.
  • You then drag a skill from your character sheet skills section to the training queue, which sets the skill up for “training” (increasing from level 0 to level 1, level 2, etc.) This is a slow process but the queue progresses even if you’re offline.

You can also:

  • Buy skill injectors from the market. These injectors contain skill points that other people have extracted from their own characters.
  • You use the skill injector to put the points in your character sheet. The points will appear in the Skills section, right above your skills.
  • You right-click to use the points for the skills you have in the queue, or you can right-click on any skill in your character sheet to apply points to it. The points are instant, and the skill(s) instantly go from level 0 to 1, 2, 3 etc. Instant gratification (for exorbitant prices), instead of waiting for the training queue.
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