Can't proceed to next mission (beginner)

“To train a new skill, simply drag the skillbook from your item Hangar into your training Queue” but when i open my item hangar there isnt any skilbook please tell me what to do

You can buy a skillbook from the market. Upon purchase it will appear in your hanger.

Use that little “stock market” icon on the left side of the screen. Then navigate around until you find the “skills” menu tree option.

(Note: Check the market window settings so that you are buying from the station you are in. Sometimes, a option may be toggled such that you will buy the cheapest of that item regardless of its location… which can cause problems if it is in low security space)

@Ki_Sung_Yong You may need to redeem the skillbook from your redeeming items (Alt+Y). If you have done this but you still don’t see your skill book there is a good chance you have injected the skillbook.

Injecting a skill book puts it into your capsules head without training it. Think of it as keeping the book safe inside your head for later training.

Press Alt+X to open your training sheet and search for the skill book by name. I can’t remember what the skill book in the tutorial is but try looking for ‘Amarr Frigate’ or ‘small energy weapons’.

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