Help please

In one of the first misions “train a skill” Aura sayd “To train a new skill, simply drag the skillbook from your item Hangar into your training Queue” but when i open my item hangar there isnt any skilbook, please tell me what to do

Step 1 - Go to “redeem items” under your inventory menu. Redeem the package.
Step 2 - Double click on the package to take all the stuff out of the package.
Step 3 - The skill book should be one of the items in the package. Drag and drop it. (or right click on it and say “inject skill” or “train skill to level 1”.

My “reedem items” is empty.
I think i used this items and skillbooks on bad skills

@Lena_Crews “You can reedeem 0 items to Mormont Quercus items will be delivered to Emrayur”

If you have redeemed the skill already, then check your item hanger by pressing Alt+C. If the skill is there right click on it and select ‘train to level 1’. If you cannot find the skill there you could check your assets window to see if it’s in another station Alt+C. Note that the assets window updates once every five minutes.

If you still cannot find the skill in your assets window, or cargo bay/item hanger. Then open your skill training sheet Alt+X. Odds are you have injected the skill. There will be a drop down box you want the option ‘My Skills’. Once this is selected search through the various filters and see if you can find the skill book in question. If you can you should be able to drag and drop it to the queue section at the bottom of that window.

In my skills are skills and i can drag it to que, but Aura want I drag it from my "item Hangar"
but i dont have any skillbook in "item Hangar"
can I give skillbook back to “Item hangar” from “my skills” ??

Just to clarify before I write a long winded reply, it is in your skill window?

Okay, it shouldn’t matter if the skill is in your skill sheet Alt+X you can progress by right clicking on it there and clicking on the train now option. Alternatively, you should be able to drag it down into the queue. While Aura is asking you to train it from your inventory she won’t care just so long as the training begins.

Maybe, but she care what skill i will start train, i think she need this one what was in “item hangar”

Do you remember what the skill was called?

I dont

Okay, what faction are you?


Look for the skill ‘Small energy turret’ .

I add it to que, nothing happend

I believe you need to wait for it to finish training.

Should only be a few moments.

15min, i will see

@ISD_Stall it end and nothing dont happend

Okay please file a support ticket under stuck and a game master will be able to resolve the issue for you.