Stuck because of shield

I accidentaly removed the shield skillbook from my queue and now i cant fit a new shield skillbook,it says i already have placed one from now i cant use the shield for my ship.

Then put the shield skill back in the queue from the skill list? You cannot remove injected skill books, which means it is still there and you just need to put it back in the queue from the skill list and re/train it.

Dyver is correct. You can’t ever remove an injected skill book. Just re-train it. If that doesn’t work for some reason, then something screwy is going on with your character and you need to open a support ticket.

right upper corner … there is a searchfield … write in what you looking for … find the skill … drag and drop it to you skillqueue



Hello there. A skillbook is an item that is consumed upon the usage, and its purpose is to unlock the particular skill. When you use it, your skill starts at level 0. Think of it as a ticket to join some class - you still need to attend said class to actually learn new things.

To learn the skill from lvl 0 to lvl 1, 2 etc, drag the skill from the list of skills (probably under the category “Shields”) to your training queue.

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