Help in tutortial

During the tutorial there is a part when you must drag a skillbook which the game gives you into the training q. However, I jumped the gun and simply chose the option to inject the skillbook. Now I am stuck in the tutorial because I don’t have a skillbook to drag into the training q.

I thought maybe if I could find a new skillbook dragging that one might trigger the tutorial to go into the next phase. Can anyone help with this? I rly don’t Wuna start a new account…

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Go into the Character/Skills screen and type the name of the skillbook (or part of it) into the search box at the top-right of the list of skill-categories. The skill will then appear in the box below, from where you can queue it by clicking on the first of the five little boxes next to the name.


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the tutorial required that I drag a skillbook from the inventory into the q. I had to do it just like that but because I enjected them I wasn’t able to drag them from the inventory, to the q.

I just ended up making a new account.

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Those tutorials do seem a little OCD at times…

What the tutorial is asking you to do is to train the skill. It doesn’t care do you drag it or inject it. You just have to train the skill to advance.

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