Tutorial isnt clear/Maybe I broke it

So, im currently new and im at the part where your supposed to train a skill. The arrow was pointing to cybernetics and so I assume im supposed train it. But, it takes 3 hours to train, which I thought was weird for a tutorial, and so I went to see if there were any other skills that were maybe under a minute. Of course, all of them take more than an hour to train, so I use the small skill injector. (which im pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to use) But after its done the tutorial still doesn’t progress. Am I doing something wrong, or is it broke? If its broke, should I start a new account?

The tutorial is merely trying to show you how to put a skill into the queue so it can be trained… not to actually train a skill to completion.

You can also add additional skills after the one you have queued up to 24 hours (if you are a non-paying Alpha account) or more than a year (if you are a paying Omega account)

In general, skills (and skill levels) that take an hour or so to train are considered extremely short.
After a few months, you will run into skills that take a few days, to weeks to complete.

Don’t worry though. The skills will train no matter what and you can continue to do what you want in (and out of) the game while the training is happening.

Now… this may all sound discouraging… but hold back judgement for the time being.

The skill system is set up the way it is so that you do not HAVE to perform certain activities or tasks to grind up skills. This effectively liberates you in the sense that you can do whatever you want in the game that interests you.

Granted, you won’t be flying those “shiny” ships in the first few months… but that is also a good thing.

“Shinier” ships and modules carry a higher price tag… which can make you a potential target to other players. Those “high-end” ships also require a fair bit of experience and knowledge of the game mechanics to use properly… mechanics that are better learned in relatively smaller, cheaper ships and equipment.

You won’t be winning any 1v1s or will be able to hold your own against more experienced and established players… but if you make friends, band together with said friends, learn the mechanics, and come up with a plan… you can take on older and more experienced players.

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I should also add that if you are really unsure about anything (or you wish to have the tutorial reset), you can always file a petition with the GMs.

I think I started with my Gallente Frigate to skill in the tutorial, and it even encouraged me to use the skill injector for progress.

I did that mission the other day. Mission was not success until I had queued Gallente frigate lvl 4 (tried lvl 3 first).

no that eve welcom to the game msg me if u nead help Razer Maden

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