New tutorial problems

I’ve checked the new tutorial I was told about, and I have few things worth pointing out.

As i was progressing, i’ve noticed that after afterburner part i’ve received a merlin frigate with a caldari frigate skill book, that i have to learn to board that ship. Boarding ship is required to start next mission (fitting). And the skill to learn takes 33 minutes.
Also small hybrid turret 1 i required so over 45 min of wait!

I’ve noticed that previous missions grants some skills already on certain levels. Why not this one?

A new player who would be stuck in here for half an hour will most possibly say ■■■■ it, and leave tutorials or worse leave game!

Working it around i found that when i refitted my civilian rail, the mission was completed.
But still i’m in here for over 10 years, a newbie could be lost.

Skill on lvl1 or some explanation is required!

And another one:
After completing all main quests in combat career path, there is nothing. Aura just dissaperars, no informations at all.

More over no information about tutorial agents!
I know eve isn’t easy, but newbies should be, and before this were informed about tutorial agents!
I still think its a bad for newbies, and i suggest making at least information when main line of quests is completed to finish them and/or use tutorial agents at F12 or at the agency tab…

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New player experience always was horrible in EvE. Soon there will be proud members of community, claming this is the “special eve way” and screaming HTFU.

Aren’t you granted skillpoints that can be allocated to train these up immediately? I ran these a few days ago and don’t think I had any downtime because of the skillpoints.

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Yes, each new character, if doing the tutorial, is granted a 25k SP injector.

  • (Faction) Frigate level 1 is 500 SPs
  • Small Hybrid Turret level 1 is 250 SPs

@IDKFA_IDDQD out of the 25k SPs you have gotten from the injector, you will only need to spend 750 SP on those two skills and you can fly your Merlin

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I haven’t gotten any injector, but that was a new alt on my old account… maybe only new chars on new accounts gets the injector.

If it is so, the problem is not as big, but there are people who start a char, and after few minutes want to change it…
I’d suggest to do it differently, more any user friendly.

Must be a bug because I got the skill injector when I created a new char on an old account.

Nah no injector here either, new account new char, asked in the chat and was told that was removed a while ago.

Edit: I probably had to spend a good 2-3hr waiting for skills to train across the tutorial and basic career agent missions. Plus a full day of training to do Advanced Military for the Destroyer. Then everything bugged out, Aura mission line never registered any of the 4 contact career agent missions as completed, CCP reset the agents and now they won’t even talk to me and Aura is still bugged and won’t register the step where you change the agency filters so still can’t complete those 4 missions.

The tutorial should definitely start with the fitting of the ship, a review of the types of weapons, modules and ammunition clarifying the immense amount of variations they have, and then a guided view of the eve market that not everyone understands first-hand , I think that is the most important thing to be able to recover from any loss that a person may have in the game, what do you think?
clear indicating the importance of knowing the career agents that will allow you to start an interesting job to live within eve, then I should explain a bit about the size of the universe and its divisions, explaining why, sometimes you do only warp and sometimes you jump and it’s simple, warp inside a galaxy and jump when you go to another system, what do you tell me about that? Thank you :shufflefurtherparrot: :doughnut:

Yep i am doing The Seeker Investigation Tutorial and it has some issues .

Let me use your post to add what i noticed:

I was doing the mission for minmitar :

The first Redeemed Items should be explained immediately to acquire it.

There is no explain on how to use Skill books.

After upgrading to use the Riffter i am being provided 300 of carbonized ammo
which mean 100 for one weapon and 200 for the other one not sure if it is called an issue
but the true issue come after that so i do mission then i disconnect.i logg in again and the mission
i was doing being reset so i started to do it from start.Note that the ammo i used did not recovered.
i did the mission like three time because the disconnection and i found my self doing the site with only
8 ammo to use.

The rookie ship has some modules why not to use it with the upgraded ship like afterburner.
New ppl will not think of stripping and fitting cause that is not within the guide.Normally i will do it
my self but not sure if they will do.

Last issue is the mission was boring and very slow.

I think the career missions is good enough for that and explain alot and good rewarding also.
But still has the bordum to have so.

IT might be good to use this Idea to get rid of bordum:

And i believe if you guys want to rework the first impression for new comer

I would advice to do good surgery on all NPC corporations.

I would like to suggest to make it like this:
Four Empires.
Each one has corporation that do specific task like military (PVE) . Mining . industry and exploring only.
so in total you will have 16 corporations only.

And every corporation will have Unique story of missions to do so that serve them
task that they specialized in.

Factions like Sansha . Blood Riders . gurists . Angels and Mordue i do not know alot about them
but i think they are fine as they are.

Concord also need story line and missions not sure if that exist or not.

Simply That Require to Delete every missions and sotry and rewards so rewrite
it from zero.

And OFC the one that will do the rewrite should read the old missions stories.
So he can find a way to rebuild that with good ideas.

Bring a sheet.
build new map for who own regions and systems.
Give them utility like structures and missions and specific bounce.

There is side effict that need to be fixed like:

If players has LP just hand them ISK so each LP cost 800 - 1000 ISK.

Any structure that being ownd by corporation that will be removed it is structure will
be giving to it is empire under the right corporation that suite it depend on the task they do.

Any Enemy of empire should not has structure in hostile territory maybe low sec only.

I can re imagine how missions can be done in faster motion and in attractive way but
not going to go in details.

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