A new player has arrived

A new player joined and seems ready to learn. Anybody wanne teach him?

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lol, yeah, maybe you could give him some pointers.

Nah, i’m to lazy to be a teacher. :sleeping:

Not sure what this is about xD

It shows that the new new tutorial is still ■■■■. Aura does not care to explain why small ships are hard to hit nor what to do about it. It is no wonder why so few players stick with the game. I hope he continues. There is much CCP can learn from watching new players struggle.


That’s why me and some folks aim to help them xD

Ignoring terrible character creation design (he skipped 90% of information there because “enlist” button is biggest on screen etc.

My attention was brought to “daily login campaign” window at 6:27. CCP is doing A/B testing on new players? I created new character two days ago and he don’t have this feature.
Anyway, this is great video for CCP to find choke points in NPE.

And community response is awesome as always but we can’t teach everything every new person log in. Best way is to bring videos like this to CCP attention and encourage new players to report bugs and their experience to CCP.

It was in the patch notes. And I really mean “was”. It’s gone since 2 days.

I doubt all those handouts will help. All you get from free stuff is a loss of achievement. EvE is entirely made up. It’s just bytes in a database. What makes it real are the feelings we attach to those bytes. I can still remember the feeling of progress when I turned my Velator into a frig. I had to fly around and shoot gate rats. (I’m old indeed.) And that Tristan was sooo much better!

When the game did less for players it had the biggest growth. What’s the point in winning an easy game?

I agree that the folk in charge of the NPE need to know. I will ask a GM for help.

UPDATE: GM Baldur has been very helpful indeed.


I had it on a new alt i made. It’s 1 weeks of mostly useless login rewards.

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