Well played CCP well played

Just created a new account and started a new character for the hell of it and launched into the new player experience that for some reason I didn’t realize existed. Set graphics to max from my usual slightly lower settings and went through it and was pretty much blown away, it’s waayyy better than before.

Those giant asteroids and npc life all over really changed the mood.

props guys, props on the awesome new player start, getting new players used to dying having the npc speak eve lingo all great. The only thing I was sad about was the fc in the beginning not calling out the npc for not being aligned and missing warp lol.


Didn’t notice about the warp thing, lol. First and only time I did the NPE start not long ago. I really like it but I was sad not to keep that nice white/red Sister of EVE ship. :star_struck:
Only complaint is that the graphics stuttered a lot throughout the whole thing until my ship exploded, then the graphics stopped sputtering - figures.
I liked the mining mission for that NPC lady and meeting the miner, finding that box… really good.
I hope they keep that storyline going, enough for a few hours and have an option for the player to pause it and take it back later whenever he likes.


I too was sad when I lost my civilian Astero. It’s definitely a harsher lesson than when I first started the game and they made me blow up some t1 frigate to detonate a station or warp into a mission kill one ship and then get killed to progress. (The latter can actually be done in a rookie ship with a civilians hardner/rep.)

It is a step up, it’s very different from the actual game though. It’s almost like CCP were trying to kick start peoples imaginations but then say off you go, get your own imaginations in gear now because the rest of the game is a spreadsheet with cool graphics.


Yea I agree, been playing Eve since 2007 and when I was playing that it felt completely fresh and new which was great.

Did you get to the revamped career agent missions?


Have not tried it yet. But I think Recon 3/3 has one as well.

I think that was removed because it would crash low end player’s computers so people with that mission were baiting opponents to warp into the site and blow up their would-be attacker during the client crash.

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Recon 3 of 3 is a great mission. Years ago with another player we would organize new player frigate races. Bring your fastest frigate and be prepared to race… Join fleet and be prepared to race to the called out next system.

Then we fleet warp to recon3/3 mission and tanked ship scoops and salvages. Everyone is a winner!

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Did they also have the FC munching and crunching on cheetos, and slurping Dr. Pepper and slurring their pronunciation while on comms?

Because if they didn’t, that’s really misleading to the actual experience.


No the guy was clear didn’t have to repeat anything had fast reactions lol was more like a low sec fc.

Yeah the art team has really been carrying EVE for years.

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