CCP you did it wrong!

A lot of us told you no CCP don’t do it, It’s a bad idea!

But No CCP had to ignore us again because that’s apparently good business sense…

So CCP why in New Eden’s name did I go from Paying for a game and loving it over multiple accounts, To having no paid accounts, Being able to play free, and just not having the heart to log in to this dyeing game.

I was with you from the start, I thought I would stay till the end. Hey perhaps I did! RIP Eve online :frowning:

time for Eve 2. This game need’s to up it’s game so to speak…


What exactly are you complaining about? The free to play model? Balance changes?


If you had been playing Eve for as many years as I have, You would not need to ask that question.

Eve is now a pay to win game and it’s that Simple!

Don’t try to tell me it’s not as I alone could cover training on a couple of chars way past my skill’s on my original main char.

A stagnant Game that CCP said they have been fixing for years now, Thus an excuse for no real new content for years.

This years keynote had to be the worst I ever see from CCP, for the first time after watching it I was not excited! Just fluff!

All the vet’s are leaving! I get the impression that was intended as CCP thought it would also solve some of there problems.

This isn’t the EVE online I used to play. Some of you may never get to experience the Eve a lot of us knew.

To Conclude Eve is a broken pale former shadow of itself masquerading as a new and improved version of it’s former greater self.


You are frustraded of EVE and I can understand that. There were several times in my EVE career where I have been at similar points. Not really knowing what to do and “nothing’s happening”.

This is - in a certain way - part of the sandbox. You have to create your own goals and find our own way in this universe of almost unlimited possibilities. Even if you are a player of old times, there is always a lot new to experience and encounter. If you a stuck somewhere - do something new!

Release yourself of the fear to lose your stuff and ISK. Maybe put a lot of it aside and then go out to do something crazy ^^
EVE can get really boring if you are “just playing the game”, hoarding ISK and doing the same routine over and over again. You need to pull yourself out of this and the game will be fun again.

Have a look at the great graphics by @Altrue that shows a good bunch of possible things to do. I bet that even a veteran will find new possibilities there:

Don’t blame others for your own bitterness - and if you wanna tell me “Im not a bitter vet” then read your post again. Everyone that says “I know this game is XY so don’t tell me otherwise” is already stuck in his own believes not open to other opinions anymore.


It’s not that simple at all. If I can kill a 76mil isk Slicer (with a ~190mil isk pod) in my 12mil isk Executioner, which I did two days ago, it’s not pay to win. I don’t care how long you’ve been playing, it’s no measure of your understanding of the game, which is clearly lacking.


So you say it is balanced because you can kill players of lower skill level or players who are somehow hindered (lag, distracted by RL, etc)?

When your balancing relies on external facors or huge differences in players skill level, then you are far far away from a balanced game.

That’s not what he wrote. He simply explained why EVE is not pay to win, no matter how much crying there is about why it’s supposedly pay to win.
It isn’t (yet).

A player with 20 million SP can beat a player with 400 million SP every day. The player with more SP can’t train skills higher than level 5, no matter how many injectors he uses. All he gains is the ability to fly more ships and use more modules. They don’t get to magically train skills that nobody else has access to and they can’t train any higher than someone else can.
In a 1 vs 1 fight, frigate against frigate, it’s not even all that unusual for both sides to have equal skill levels trained. It’s just that one person could also fly a ton of different ships if he so chooses, but that doesn’t help him at all in that one specific fight.
And superior piloting skills always trump higher skill levels trained anyway.


Yes, a poor and low SP player can beat a rich and high SP player … if the rich, high SP player makes a mistake or decides to downscale his ship, but if he decides to stay in his maxxed out, blingy Svipul, Cynabal, T3 cruiser (or whatever is best for the current fight), then the poor and low SP player will have a very hard time winning the fight.

EVE is a pay 2 win game, but its not a problem in the big picture because numbers trump everything. The rich and high SP player in his blingy Deimos will get rekt, if he is neuted by your friend in a Curse.

No, I said it’s not pay to win because I can kill ships that are more expensive than the one I kill them with. Don’t put words in my mouth, strawmanning me won’t help your case. The only balance in this game is between ship options. Other than that, you make your own balance. That’s the point of a player-driven game, a concept that so many like yourself seem difficult to grasp.

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I’ve only been playing 10 years, and I do need to ask what the hell you are talking about.

so lets go to the absurd because the eariler example of a frigate 1v1 doesn’t really mean a whole lot on the grand scale.

Lets say you buy so much isk you can buy an alt army, you can buy titans, buy unique ships, buy whatever the heck you want. So what, some big coalition will mega dunk all your stuff without breaking a sweat. So you step it up and buy some mercs, or buy some influence in one of those coalitions. again so what, your stuff will still get blown up once people get tired of your ■■■■. I’ll just say very bluntly, there is no winning eve. You might get ahead for a little while, but you will never win.

Sure there are problems, citadel spam being probably the biggest. reminds me a lot of POS sov, only worse as citadels take even longer than pos to explode, and all assets get magically teleported out.

anyways can I have your stuff?


There are 200 ships that don’t all work exactly the same, situationally some are going to be better than others, and its a play with friends game as well, and its an opportunities game, sometimes if the opportunities aren’t there, if you push too hard, you become the opportunity.

Incidently, I fly vexors, ishkurs, (and a procurer when an opportunity arose), and have no trouble getting engagements that are fun and some kills. Nothing I’m flying requires real money input beyond my sub, and plainly when I lose, I lose little after insurance that it just doesn’t matter.

Damn, ya got it in before I could.


Nowadays it’s a lose-lose for just about any entity to change their business strategy, even if their business strategy is to not change. If a company doesn’t change people will claim, “It’s stagnant! It’s dying” and if a company does change a whole new set of people will claim, “It’s morphing! Its death is imminent”. The same goes for music groups nowadays. There are always the fans who wish bands would never change and keep their “old sound” and then there will always be a counter-group of fans that wish they would adopt a “new sound”. In any event dissenters are shouting death chants, all the while the train is leaving the station.


yeah, people like to rant. Let them rant and listen to people with ideas - and the will to improve

Also, what do the chevrons/arrowheads mean? The green/yellow/red look like difficulty, how about the blue?

I thank you for your well thought out response. I do agree to a lot of your point’s but I promise you i’m not burnt out with eve. I’m Fu*#ing angry.

Thanks for taking the time to buck me up, but it aint going to work.

CCP for the love of EDEN WHY! Why did you stop listening!

I’ll gladly take an Eve quiz with you and we will see just who understands eve’s mechanics better… I’ll Even put up a billion isk to cribba to manage the quiz if your game. It would be a welcome distraction as I have now bloody good space game to play now.

Not really interested in a pissing contest, mate. But if their had to be one, your kb vs mine is all the demonstration I need. You’ve been playing 8 years longer than me and somehow, I’m ahead. :joy:

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How many people do you know that would dare to complain on the forums with there real main, your not even a patch on my history so get your head out of the clouds.

Me, actually. I post on the forums with my main all the time. Why not?

  1. I have no reason to believe you have an alt. You also have no reason to believe I don’t

  2. My point stands. Demonstrate your understanding, or I have no reason to believe you have one.