Game isn't actually free

your advertising eve online as free but are limiting character progression unless you buy omega if the game was actually free you wouldn’t make it so players couldn’t use certain skills or progress certain skills beyond a certain point or learn certain new skills at all but the game is advertised as free to play I could see it taking longer to train certain skills faster via pay to play or limited edition items or skins or ships or equipment via pay to play but completely capping off character progression to a certain point unless you go pay to play is a complete ripoff that is why I don’t play it as much as I used to


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I understand your point, but saying it’s a ripoff is too much.

You are saying that EVE should be just like World of Warships and others, where you can slowboat your way to victory without paying anything for it. This is valid for keeping the game alive, at least the people who are paying a subscription will have more targets to shoot at.

What I don’t like about EVE is that the account doesn’t generate free skill points non stop… I don’t like the training qeue as it is today. To me the account should generate free sp non stop and then you would apply the sp on the skills directly or apply to the training qeue. Also alphas should generate free skill points non stop and the skill limit could be 10 milion sp.

THE WAY I SEE EVE is a game that was made in a way that forces people to log regularly just to buff the average online player count, I don’t think the system was made based on the player’s quality of life.


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brilliant idea
you should apply to a job at CCP


It’s already changing into that lol…

Game is free you can start with an alpha char run pve until you have enough isk to buy omega with isk then once you get omega run better isk making things and sustain omega through isk indefinitly.

But it isn’t free becuase of time spent but then nothing in life is free if you look at it that way :wink: Even brushing your teeth is expensive if you think of it that way and then not brushing your teeth is even more expensive xD

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EVE has been subscription-based since Day 1, for almost 20 years now. The Alpha clone state is a time-unlimited free trial. Just be glad you have unlimited free Alpha play. All we used to have is a 14 day trial. You want the full game experience? Subscribe like everyone else has been for the past 20 years…


Agreed and I would take a job in CCP, but apparently there are the so called “required skills” and “required location”

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Then what conceivable advantage would all those paying people who are subsidising the free accounts have ? Someone has to pay for Eve…its not a charity. You are right that Eve is not free. If you are only Alpha then effectively other people are paying for you. Which is really not something to complain about.


Alpha accounts are erroneously advertised but it looks like everyone is ok with it. Alpha is a demo version. “Free to play” is just a gotcha.


Most people always want to get everything that other people make for free. But the second they make something themselves, they want to charge as much money for it as possible. Funny how that works, huh?


All achievable :]

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Only thing I would have changed about Alpha is I would not have limited SP or ships,modules, etc. Simply limiting SP gain would have been enough. Alpha’s training at 1/4 speed of an Omega would have still allowed them the feeling of progression while still incentivizing subscribing. As the SP requirements grow with each ship tier, they would have been even more incentivized to “hurry things up” by subscribing. Alpha’s with billions of ISK now don’t even buy PLEX because they’ve learned they don’t need to because they have no carrot to chase.

Instead, limiting everything just turned into Alpha’s min/maxing those limits and staying there. Alpha is actually a badge of honor for playing EvE on hard mode now.

Why should it be free? Because it says f2p? You can play… for free, it didn’t say anything about maxing out while free. Go be idiotic elsewhere, OP.


I wish the OP’s of these threads would actually reply to comments it would make a great case study on why EVE was never free in the first place… Free to play is not equal to getting the entire game for free forever. CCP needs to make money somehow. I hope OP knows this.


Alpha is basically a demo and it is barely playable, but CCP aren’t lying. The phrase “play for free” applies to both alpha and ability to pay your omega subscription with ingame money.


It is free to play. You can download the game and play, it depends on one’s definition of “play”. In this case “play” means get in a ship, fly it and shoot its turrets, which you can indeed do for free.

i think it can be called free to play
because free to try is also a bad description
i mean , you cant try something for 10 years
after some time you are no trying anymore , you are playing , even if in alpha


Well it is not a demo, a capsuleer does have access that doesn’t expire only condition is the alpha clone state has limited ability compaired with Omega clone state.