Wow, when did EVE become pay-to-win?

Been away for a few years and was curious about how eve was doing and whether to re-sub. It seems that the pay-to-win aspects is growing and that money can more-or-less buy you anything. I suspect this is a money-maker for the developer.


eve is not pay to win


Define win.



The whale that spends thousands of real money to “catch up” is gonna be super rare, so why worry about it?


EVE has been subscription based for 17 years. You’ve always had to pay to play it…


yes , pay to play , its a sandbox not a football match
you play, not win
to give an example , you can say the kid who pee less in the poll is the winner , but that would be BS to make the kids keep the pool clean

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You can’t throw so much money at the game that you become virtually unbeatable. On the contrary, the rest of us sharpen our harpoons when we see a whale.




You only win when you stop paying




What do you “win”?

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While there are always wealthier players than myself and those happen to be the limits that define the goals of my progression as a player I never felt like that meant they were winning since every step I take to reaching their level happens to only be a success for myself and a failure on their part to advance any further past their own stagnation that will leave them much less than equals once met.

I guess some people like to delude themselves that they are winning simply by having more wealth than others. “Hunting the whales” represents this well as you will always need to find those with more to lose than yourself as goals to chase in the game.

The whale is the largest predator that survives alone hunting prey only smaller than itself where as the whale is also the most attractive prey for predators who group up to survive only on hunting prey much larger than they are.

The whale was always too confident in it’s size and ability to survive alone to consider that it had much to lose to those who would gain so much more in comparison.


It didn’t. That’s when.


I dont think this game is pay-to-win at all. Maybe if you’re a solo player looking to play alone, but in the end for most people, this will be a socialize-to-win game.

Being a leader of a relatively large nullsec alliance, I see it day in and out where people think bigger and more expensive = better. That could NOT be FURTHER than the truth. When Legacy coalition was fighting Fraternity, we saw a few faction titans (the most expensive ships in the game) get blown up because the guy at the wheel was a creditcard warrior.

A single pilot flying as a simple t2 interceptor, interdictor, or any ship really, can make or break an engagement. Skill and time learning the game trumps spending real money every time. However, yes, there are ways you can speed up your skilling by purchasing injectors. As a company, it’s smart for CCP to think of ways to increase revenue. They run the game you love. Let them make money so that you can keep playing while they keep developing.


I think what marks a good MMO is that the “win” criteria is tied to the players’s goals rather than a scoreboard…and as Eve doesn’t even have a scoreboard…etc…

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It actually happened JUST NOW, THIS VERY INSTANT now that you have noticed it! Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention.


But it have competing people inside game. Theoretically whats being on the way of winning every challenge is availability of market, logistics and the skills players posses, but when these would be equal for everybody, more money spent on progress in scenarios will help. Throw cash and win scheme.

When CCP will reduce these limiting factors in the game, when they will flatten the unequalities, they will go after whales. They dont have to bring gold ammo even.

A single person cannot “win” at anything specific as the structure doesn’t even exist to gauge what that winner is…

Why would a company go after the biggest spenders? That makes no sense…

There are scenarios when structure is build by game and players. Like in solo PvP or PvE site running competition.

Its profiling in work. They could go into it like their parent company do it already, in BDO. That work would have to be spread on many years…

Many people forget that making online only game is about making more money, its business.

But you don’t “win” the game…it’s just a single little event that happened in a vast game. If you think you’ve won Eve by running a site successfully then you’re standards are pretty low.

Of course companies profile their customers…

There is no “gold ammo” in Eve…

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