Eve! What have you done?

This is no longer my Eve-Online.
First I have to apologize for my English.

The hardcore community of Eve-Online always smile when it says Eve is dying. I personally think neither will it yet, but what I believe is that the loyal
and hardcore community will die.

I have never complained in the 10 years I’ve been in Eve about the content or anything else, because I always thought they were doing it already and going a different way like other MMOS. But unfortunately I have to say, since the changes like skill injectors, declaring Somer Blink legal or the latest genius idea to buy skill points for money, I lost my faith.

I see so much community melting away in the wormhole area that it’s sad. Unfortunately I find that Pearl Abyss (not CCP) is going the wrong PAY TO WIN way here and that is clearly visible.

I know that everyone will have his own opinion and not everyone shares this opinion. But I had to get excited for me personally and that in public. I have always loved to cut video of Fights Contend to make. But unfortunately the season gets even less every year because of these decisions.

And I’m not even gonna start here, the amount of balance change that’s gone into this game over the last 2 years.


Can I have your stuff ??


Tell me, what you gonna win with those SP?
Selling SP from thin air is broken promise on CCP side and it’s bad for the game. But saying it’s p2w is even more dumb.

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It’s not pay2win.

The game requires understanding and experience to win.

You have to master that one first
… at which point it doesn’t matter anymore if you bought the SP or not.


As others have said, it is not pay to win - what they don’t say, is that it has now become a game for whales… and that has degraded much that was good about Eve - but CCP needs to make £$ and PA is the paymaster - the changes were fairly obvious in coming, but it does leave a bad taste…


For me it is out of question that since the takeover (Pearl Abyss) a path has been taken that is simply unacceptable. I could come here with arguments and then come against arguments. But finally and secretly everyone knows that this is not the eve anymore as it was years ago.



I don’t even know what you’re talking about.

“SP from thin air”. :roll_eyes:

  1. Consider the tens of thousands of banned accounts, numbers continuously increasing. That’s a lot of SP to “leaving” the game.
  2. The idea of SP inflation is nonsense.

I want someone to actually explain what his problem is …
… because no one ever actually does that.

They just point at what they believe is happening …
… without explaining why it’s supposed to be a problem.

But it doesnt have to be the eve it was years ago, that eve had it’s issues too, it wasnt perfect back then. I personally dont mind about SP and injectors if someone wants to credit card their way into a ship then crack on, if they have the money for that then so be it, but that wont matter against experience.

In saying that there are things about the game that I don’t like, some people wiill share those same views, some people won’t but really it doesnt matter as none of us decide what does and doesnt not get put in game (or taken out).

If you are that unhappy with the decisions, leave. if you dont want to leave either stay subbed or go alpha, they are the 3 choices any of us has to make. You can talk about what you dont like till your blue in the face, 99.9% of the time, CCP will not take note.

I don’t know why people still repeat that old mantra. It’s completely false. All that 99% of the people need to know is how to fit what they are told to fit and how to target what the FC tells them to target.

Buying SP certainly helps toward that goal more than understanding and experience.


All those people saying that this game is not p2w… open your eyes folks, Pearl Abyss is slowly shifting the line between what is considered p2w, and what is not. But don’t be surprised, when one day you’ll see awesome offer in EVE launcher about buying unique new ships for money, not PLEX. Or starship + full modules setup + skill injectors bundles, because why someone with cash should wait months for training queue to end, if he can instantly play his dream starship?

Way too many people does not understand, what PA business model and main market is, and what they would like to achieve with CCP and in EVE Online. And yes, surprise, surprise - it’s about milking that cow as hard, as possible, without worrying about the opinions of players. Just like others big players in game industry do.


Are you sure all the changes are due to new ownership that high up? Are you aware of how acquisition like this works?

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The “good old days” were rarely as good as we remember. While Eve is a 17 year old game, the development started years before that - the world has changed and the game needs to change with it - adapt or die is more than just a meme - it’s the way the world works.

Over the past couple of years the management at CCP recognized that the game was stagnating and in decline - they decided to do something about it. First, they changed the investors. CCP is now owned by a gaming company rather than a group of venture capitalists. Then they they got to work making Eve relevant to a new generation of gamers - we see the results in the numbers. Eve is growing again - how many 17 year old games can make that claim?

There will always be room for improvement and opinions will differ about what constitutes an improvement but, in my opinion, the game is headed in the right direction.


CCP was on this path long before the PA acquisition.

Also, if you are against these changes, then ■■■■■■■ quit and stop pouring money into this franchise. Looking at PA financial statements, looks like revenue from EVE has actually been rising after they took control.

100% True
“At least someone who understands me”

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EVE has always been pay to win. The entire monetization model is built around it. CCP was already headed towards skill points for sale long before PA came along. Characters have been available to buy for years. Other people buying or selling SP has almost no effect on your gameplay in the long run.

The community isn’t melting away because of P2W or evil Korean overlords. The community is melting away for the same reason it’s been in decline since 2009 or so - because all the people who knew how to design and program a decent game left CCP long ago, and the devs left behind are mostly coasting on code they don’t even understand any more.

When CCP gets serious about offering a quality product rathering than propping up their cash cow a little longer so they can milk a few more buckets of cash from it, then the community might start to build again. Until then, it’s just a matter of how many ‘special log-in events’ CCP can string together to keep people from abandoning the game altogether.

Being fair, CCP seems to be putting a little more effort into learning how to develop an interesting game again, this past year. Let’s hope it’s not too little too late, and wish them luck.


I just have to shake my head like some people lie themselves into their pockets. But well, some people don’t like to look past the edge of their plate. That’s the way it is, there will always be two opinions. Which is okay.

After 10 years, I just had to get rid of my frustration.
And like I said, this is no longer CCP, but Pearl Abyss.

o/ Crime Time


everything will be fine =)

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That’s what he said:


Okay, so…

I spent the money not just on the $40 booster with the 1.5m SP and the Cerebral Accelerator but also a ton more money on PLEX so I could get more training done.

I don’t feel like I’ve won, just that I got closer to being able to fly some of my corporation’s T2 fits. I’m still not even able to fly most of them.

It’s a cash dump for the whales, but P2W? Nah, not even close. What are you even winning at that point?