Eve going down the pad

After playing the game for over 12 years, and having good times playing; I now find myself lacking motivation playing this game. The many mistakes made by the developers, over the last few years is staggering. You say that players feedback is important to you, however it is obvious that you have your path you wish to follow, and will not deviate. You are killing the game. Two examples are which humpty decided to make the Rorqual mine stupid amounts. And now the new mining change. Of which is broken for over 5 days and still not fixed. YOU ARE KILLING THIS GAME.


To paraphrase a commonly quoted little bee meme:

They’re not killing the game. They’re killing your game.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


When you do reach that fed up mode, please think of the poor capsuleers of New Eden and their children and do spread the wealth around by distributing your assets… I’m one of those poor capsuleers by the way.
Also, don’t forget to contract to Mike Azariah’s magic school bus. You’ll feel better after it’s all said and done.
As for the game, I don’t see how CCP are killing it. I like playing it a lot and I think it’s a fun game. Could be more fun but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers so you can contract anything to me, thank you.


Having a path to follow is great. If only CCP had such a thing. As it stands, it does not feel like CCP has any sort of plan. Of if they have, they do a very, very poor job at explaining it/them. They keep saying that their changes will make the game better, but killed off BS/fBS/pBS production, trying to kill of Prospects, killing Procurers, introducing annoying and frustrating module features for mining and so on and so forth don’t portrait that. Even their July Update that was supposed to give us more insights was only full empty phrases. Will the December Update improve on that? I don’t hold my breath.




You’re feeling, not mine.

It’s ok to lose interest after awhile in anything. Doesn’t mean it’s the game’s fault. Life changes.


I love bouncing that one back to Goonies when they are crying. They never appreciate it, weirdly.


I don’t know what ‘Going Down the Pad’ means. Should it read 'Going Down the Pan?

For Goodness’ sake, the letters are sufficiently far apart on English Language keyboards.

It’s your thread, OP, you might at least proof-check the thread title before you rush into print.

Looks as if you need a break! It can’t do any harm, and often yields unlooked-for fruits!


Can I have your stuff?

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Do you play the game?
Is this your game?
His game?
This game is our game or their game?
You are not part of the community?
DO we own really anything in this game?
Do we own the game or We pay rent to be a resident every month?

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This is CCPs game they own everything , the eula is quite clear we just throw cash at them in the hope they will let us play with their shiny internet toys ,but if we are naughty the internet toys will be locked away in the toy box while we sit on the naughty step.


I love theseee shiny internet toy ships sooo much … makes my cry .

Lira is now 14 to the dollar. That graph shows 8

Can I have your stuff?

It has increased 2 in one night nearly … one day i have been talking to friesnd they said it is 10 lire then day after it was like 12 they said when we were talking… 10 was already a small choke for me i have to admit …
It is totally head down. Part about lira stops here.
And leadership still claims that everything is fine …Their supporters are so loud and active in media platforms … that they still claim that leaders doing these for the good of future economic behalf . While effectively sucking money from the peoples pockets …

… i have been talking about EvE …


Well Deep Rock Galactic, 7 Days to Die, and Project Zombiod just had content updates. They are keeping me occupied since, with the changes to null sec life, my EvE Online enthusiasm has been reduced to skill queue online and most likely revert the accounts to alpha state for a bit.

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