EVE has became dull

Positive side that still holds me here:
The game main idea is still great, single universe, single server.
Game mechanics is great! Graphics is great!

All the things I mentioned above, is been big work done for some people! Now let me list some things that throw all that work over the board.

Negative side
*Why is the game made so time consuming!?
*Why do I have to scan wormholes 2 hours every day, to find nothing!?
*Why did I spent months for scanning skills to train, not even having a real use for these.
*Why isn’t travelling based on fuel consumption!? Taking 45 jumps through empty space is really fun!, I’d rather pay to get these jumps done! (that would be great isk sink!)

Bonus tears
It just feels for me that this game is going more and more toward timers rather than player activities…
Grinding npc… waiting your timers… Dock up and log off when there is hostile in local…

Does this game ever going to be playable again, rather waiting your timers n spending hours to warp around in empty space…!?
Is that really so hard to make the game playable again!?
I have plenty of ideas but this topic would be way too long for all that!

So what u think…? Will the game continue development towards less action and more wasting time?


I get hundreds of millions of ISK every month from exploration and destroying dumb people who ignore wormholes. Maybe you are doing something wrong.

You want to pay for fuel and don’t find anything anyway? Are you sure you are not on drugs?

Apparently it is, in part because of people like you, who expect things to fall into their gratification baskets instead of working for these things.

There is a forum for that: #technology-research:player-features-ideas You should give it a try with your ideas. :wink:

Firstly: I agree that EVE has lost lots of its appeal from the early days. But that’s just because you got accustomed to everything. And shakeup attempts by CCP are just horribly executed attempts to mimick other games. And then CCP tries to force more of this tidi grind stuff on the users because “huge battles” are so much fun. So, yes, the development will continue to go into that direction.


JF maybe ?

This is the only thing ivan really done in EVE for isk.
The only thing that involves playing game with risk of real player interaction.

Everything else u mentioned is just…
At the end of the day the game should still be renamed: Timerz Online

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Eve is not for you, bye!


stop crying like a baby and get the feck on with it.

I’m inclined to agree with the possibility of acclimation. I’ve only been here for about two months, and I can’t spend enough time logged in. I just want to keep playing.


I think you have it backwards there. If players want to win an objective then they will keep on piling pilots into a system until the rate of disconnects is higher than the rate of pilots entering the system.
And CCP will always introduce new systems as “exciting”, but never give any background on their design decisions. It is obvious from the multiple (time-zone tankable) timers and damage caps on structures that a major design goal was to make it hard and boring for large groups to wipe smaller entities. Can’t say I blame them.

To keep away entitled brats that have been raised with instant gratification. Like you !

It’s like real life : you don’t work ? You don’t get paid. Invest some time through wormhole, and you’ll go out with a hold full of iskies.

That’s, like… entirely your fault for not being able to build your skill queue with intelligence ? That’s like training months for a super and using it solely to mine.

Because EVE’s warp engines use energy, and not fuel. Energy harvested from the stars in each system. If you want to move around instantly and have that fuel consumption nature, get a Jump capable ship.

All in all, a crybaby incapable of enjoying the game because it doesn’t cater to his needs. INB4 lock !


My exploration experience in EVE. Been flying trough Venal and Tenal last couple of days. max players in system 2 with the occasional 7 people spike. Lots of Chinese bots (rangers alliance or something) 2/4 of the systems were empty (of players) when entered. Very few systems with one or 2 data/relic sites.

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EvE hasn‘t became dull, only ppl like you who are not able to understand what really EvE is anyway .
„wasting time“ ?!! LOL, the only thing that wasting my time is to read threads like this one!

Bro get out of null.

As someone who has been playing on and off since about 2007 I agree it has become dull.

here are some changes that I have and others said before.

Make Marauders into either tactical battleships or strategic battleships (Following the logic design of Tech 3 dessies or tech 3 crusiers, just keep their current bonuses if turned into a tactical battleship with the three mods or make whole new subsystems if turned into Strategic battleships)

add bation II (Tech 2 Bastion, just better bonuses for ALOT more CPU, PG and cap use, longer cycle time too)

Add power rerouting abilities like in star trek bridge commander (When rerouting power away from systems, there is a cool down to re-reroute power equal to ship class size, for example, a titan 15 minutes, a frigate 1 minute. etc)

Add rigs that modify slot layout of ship without adding cpu, pg or launcher/turret hard points. (For example, for 400 calibration add 2 high slots, etc, this would also limit the potential im-balancing issues by limiting it to ships with 400 Calibration to start)

Edit: Also

Dscan is to strong, limt max range to 8 AU/s

Local intel is too strong: new changes.

Local chat updating time delay added from server to client:
0.5 and Higher: 10 second delay in updating
0.1 to 0.4: 20 second Delay in updating
0.0 and lower (Excludes abysmal space and wormhole): 30 (or 35) seconds delay in updating.

OR change max Dscan range to like 6 AU and give DScan bonuses to specific ship classes like interceptors or Electronic attack frigs…

For me personally, the game has become dull since I don’t have the time to commit to PvP’ing as much as I could before. So I’ve been doing some casual PvE’ing here and there and I’ve been stuck with the part of the game that I have major issues with.

Basically, the PvE in this game is mind numbingly boring. I honestly don’t understand why CCP are not prioritizing rehauling the old PvE systems. Most of these systems are what newer players experience when starting (mining or missioning). Yet, they are wondering why player retention is low.

I don’t have the data to figure out if I’m an outlier or the norm. However, the group of friends I introduced to the game all quit because they also found the PvE to be too boring. We were running wormholes at that the time.

Mindlessly shooting rats or rocks is just not fun. It is honestly worse than a clicker game. And when you don’t even have a reason to do it (the reason being to PvP), then it feels even worse.


Relax carebear!
I’m not here to quit! I want this game with huge potential to just use it, not making people wait for timers and hoping for some action in huge empty space.

What I think is, that this game needs some proper change to make people play and fight over resources.

Mindless rat shooting, i’d take that over waiting for the reinforcements to arrive lol

High sec is crowded anough without those tidi battles. All structures other than the smallest and weakest should have been restricted to null, low and wormholes.

And there should have been always only one timer. One battle to decide the outcome. Then if it survives, it should go into a longer time of invulnerability. Like 1 month or so.


IMHO- we can either blame game mechanics, or we can innovate and collectively redefine the player experience through player driven and created content.


Dude I get it! Trust me, I’m trying!
Sometimes I’m truly scanning hours to find content… Nothing!, Emty space or docked up bots.
It just makes me log off empty handed, thinking what I’m thinking now.