EVE's Increasingly Tedious Gameplay

No matter the update or ‘update’ that CCP has released over the last year, there’s been a certain pattern I’ve been observing in regards to the nature of these updates; they either change something because, you know, reasons, or they make the gameplay more tedious and time consuming, often to the point where an activity I used to like is just plain unenjoyable anymore or is so irritating to do that I’ll go play another game first before subjecting myself to virtual torture running such activities in EVE.

There are a few examples of these updates making a prior activity a mix of more tedious, time-consuming, or a hassle than it used to be, and I’ll start with all the industry updates. Prior to start of the mineral ‘redistribution’ my mining activity involved a little two-ship operation consisting of a porpoise or orca and a covetor mining in a random asteroid belt for a few hours or for one night a week. The goal? Obtain minerals needed to produce T1 ammo for personal consumption and extra ammo and drones to sell at a local market, not so much for profit as just to seed the market with basic goods. It was simple and it kept me close to home so I could re-ship if needed when a threat arrives in the area.

After the “redistribution” updates, I could no longer obtain the required minerals by just mining locally. Bear in mind I lived in drone lands so obtaining minerals by melting down dropped modules doesn’t exist. This means that the only reasonable way to obtain minerals I need to continue producing ammo is through imports, which cost isk, either through purchasing what is imported locally (of which local stocks dried up pretty quickly and then jumped dramatically in price) or bring it in myself (which turns a simple or seemingly simple task into a monumental stress test; something I have no interest in dealing with after a night of dealing with drunks and psychs at work.) What I had stockpiled for minerals eventually dried up, and that side business went away with it.

The Ice changes had made one of my favorite activities less fruitful; wormhole exploration. Since there’s no longer ice in shattered wormholes, CCP’s taken away the main reason that players and corps fight over these rare and desirable systems.

The ESS update’s just been a ■■■■-show since its inception. What makes the bounty go up and down? By how much? For how long? Questions that still don’t have clear answers. The ESS itself hasn’t done much of anything to incentivize player combat where I lived. The same usual suspects still showed up and the random lone wolves looking for a quick steal were usually quick to evacuate when they see a fleet forming up on D-scan. More often than not, it was just plain not worth going out to defend the ESS because the potential loss of ships is worth far more than the contents of the ESS. As a result, it wastes everybody’s time as all players (attackers and defenders alike) sit there twiddling their thumbs while waiting for the ESS to be looted so the attackers will move on.

Any idea of this thing incentivizing more battles just doesn’t happen; since the meta is using fast, kitey, sniping ships, attackers tend to be on the edge of the ESS bubble so they are always quick to leave before a response fleet has any chance of catching the raider. If a “fight” occurs, 95% of the attacking party have a tendency to flee the instant it looks like things won’t go their way and escape with their GetOutOfJailFree Filament. The whole ESS thing doesn’t incentivize more conflicts. It just wastes everybody’s time.

Then there’s what I like to call the “Okay but why?” updates. Changes to the UI or other updates that nobody wants and are just annoying.
:red_circle: :red_circle: :red_circle:
What was so wrong with the bookmarks that they needed an obnoxious makeover?
Was there actually a reason for flipping the location of probe scan windows?

With all the changes making so much I used to enjoy more tedious, time consuming, and just plain unenjoyable, I’m taking a long hiatus from the game. How long? Who knows, I’m just waiting for the dust to settle before I can determine if I will touch this game again. No, you can’t have my stuff. I will sell it to you for a price though (since having isk upon returning to the game is always nice). Besides, I have absolutely zero confidence in CCP and fully expect them to pull some stupid ■■■■ like Povchen or just declare all NPC stations need to go and then any assets I do save end up destroyed.

For those still playing and enjoying the game, keep your stick on the ice.


Sounds like nullsec krab problems to me…


Best lines ever !! MASH PART 1 !!Take My Advice, Pull Down Your Pants And Slide On The Ice! - YouTube


Honestly If you haven’t ran incursion HQ systems you can’t fathom what tedious is.

Same 3 sites. All day every day… Then some contests… Then back to the same ole 3 sites. I miss invasions man that was some real fun stuff. I wish I got into the PVP component with shields during my time doing them.

Mission running… thats tedious… and i get paid to do it…still tedious.


Um, did I miss an update? Because I’ve been doing most of my ice mining in SH wormholes the past 2 months…

People… fight over SH wormholes? Weird. I’ve never even SEEN another person in a SH wormhole.

Good. The less we know, the less we can game the system and have EVE “figured out”.

Um ok. Lol

I love firesales. What do you have?

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That’s what krabs want. Any time they get “interesting” gameplay it is “too hard” or not optimal isk/hr. Thus a lot of ppl need to change their mindset if they really don’t want tedious gameplay.


I have participated in incursion fleets. Was a good way to learn how to logi. They were mostly mind-numbing though, partly why I ran logi a lot at the end, was a lot more interactive than being an F1 monkey.

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Unless they added Ice back in shattered, I haven’t seen any ice anomalies in the last few I’ve explored. Also, you typically won’t see anyone in shattered wormholes until somebody tried to ninja mine the ice with a fleet.

I know groups have left mining and scouting alts logged in shattered to mine ice when needed or attack other mining fleets. Since you can’t deploy stations you truly need a nomadic fleet if you intend to mine that sweet ice long-term. Over the last two years though I’ve noticed fewer and fewer players living in wormholes, to the point where I’m far more comfortable moving an uncloaked hauler through a 4-5 wormhole chain than attempt any run through low-sec in all of New Eden with a cloaked ship.

It almost looks like wormholes are developing vicious cartels that are as toxic and annoying as their nullsec counterparts. The old chivalrous ways back when I lived in wormholes almost appears non-existent with any encounter I’ve had with WH groups in the past year.

I saw one a couple of days ago…

Haven’t had a problem with my 6 Endurances and Porpoise…

That seems to be what CCP is shooting for.


Haven’t had a problem with my 6 Endurances and Porpoise…

Nice. If you don’t even see probes or ships on dscan during those runs, it just further makes me suspicious that there’s only a handful of players in wormholes compared to a few years ago.

I fell asleep sawing logs before I knew it while mining.

The gameplay hasn’t changed then. You’re just upset you’re isk/hour was nerfed…


Well done. Would you like a cookie?

The way I’ve dealt with this type of situation is to just change my home system. Sometimes, a change of scenery can make the game seem new.


Triglavian invasions were the spice of life. Unfortunately they also added to the salt mountain in HiSec and had to go. Alas alas alas. If only they could come back :grin:


Nobody is forcing you to play.

I have several people asking when I will come back, having said that I would be back in May and though I stopped in October 2020 to punish CCP for ISD forum mis-management I had become more and more bored with the gameplay possibilities and the pure tedium of doing anything. And looking at the game it seems that it got worse after I left.

The Observatory implementation to enable me to hunt AFK cloakers re-opened up one old and interesting possibility for me, but then I found that belts had largely disappeared. I cannot quite push myself to re-sub, even though I am currently in between games and it is mainly because of the issues you raise here.

Thanks for the post, it clarified my feelings quite well.


Yes, if I am out solo and I see a large fleet forming I will leave. There is no reason for me to stay because it won’t be a fight.