When will EVE be fun again?

the last couple of years have brought many changes to EVE. very few of them added any fun to the game. what we get is starvation, nerfs, recycled events and a reliance on abyssal events that appeal to dozens of players. where is the incentive for people to just play and enjoy logging in? summer is here and covid is fading. the login numbers willl soon tell the story, This is a game, it implies “play” . what is CCP doing to make the game fun for us going forward?


What counts as “fun” to you?


I have fun and find something to do every time I log in. I’ve been playing since 2006…


i still log in each day and enjoy the company of my alliance mates, but much of the gameplay i enjoyed has become tedious in the last two years. if it wasnt for the occasional pvp encounters it has become mind numbing. but i am glad you are finding the fun. we just need more of it

Fun relative to what? I was practically under house arrest last year. It was plenty fun compared to that. Compared to IRL picnics on the beach? That is tough for a game to achieve.

I do project discovery and mining . Always excited to login for these.

You know what’s fun? Living in the station right next to your enemy and doing stuff right under their nose. Mine got me the other day because I’m an idiot who likes looking at bubbles and he had one. I landed right on top of him and caused us both to decloak.
I barely had time to see the bubble…
A few days later I took a shot at those rats with the diamond thingys and they handed me my own ass on a plate and sent me off in my pod in less than a second.
Several days before that I went to where the new stain gate was being built to try to figure out how to violate the rules but couldn’t find the orca I wasn’t supposed to shoot and got my self chased all over the place by a bunch of maniacs with really fancy ships. I got away but the adrenaline was unreal.
@leavwiz move out to nullsec and piss off your neighbors just by existing, it’s actually kind of great, you might not get anything done or earn any isk but it’s almost always intense.


When CCP Rattati ends his crusade to nerf everything.


I don’t know much about him, but from what I’ve heard he might want to lay low when he’s in public with a bunch of Eve players.

Yeah, he’s the developer who actually said on a livestream that he was planning on doing nothing but punishing the players for a few years, that we should expect “all stick and no carrot” and “if you don’t like it you should just quit.”

So far he has made good on his promises. Every negative change made in the past year and a half has been his doing.

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What could go wrong?

But it’s awesome untill it does.
Even that’s awesome sometimes.

Edit: I misunderstood what you were replying to…

He said that?
I would have fired him on the spot and had security slam the door on him so hard he would need medical attention to remove the doorknob.
But then I suppose I’m in a different line of work. I very much like happy customers.

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Fun is subjective.

EVE will be fun again once you have figured out what you like doing ingame. Try something new! Or maybe if you cannot find anything you enjoy doing anymore, maybe it’s time for a break?


Okay, it does seem like resource scarcity is starting to feel oppressive to a lot of people, and I’m beginning to think that CCP might have over corrected a bit. Now, I am optimistic that they will find a nice middle ground… However, the question is, “how long will that take?”

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How long did it take to make the red dot optional?

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"When will EvE be fun again?
Hmm, when ccp realizes that all the changes they implement over a relatively short period of time are not additive, they actually are multiplicative for a lot of players, especially the ones dealing with the ecosystem. Carrots like the changes to marauders, blops don’t balance the rest of the changes, regardless of their fun factor for those players.


When I get animated log in screens and WiS back.


rantanplan is not the smartest dog. just think about it :upside_down_face:

DUST 514. Project Legion and Project Nova went very well lol
Now he is messing with EVE lol

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