It is time for EVE 2

I’m probably breaking some sort of idiotic forum rule by stating this, or some legal disclaimer but I am to the point that I really just don’t care. This mentality honestly feels like a part of the game now.

This has been an amazing game, but I simply keep coming back to it looking for what was once interesting and great and is now an idiotic grindfest.

I got started in the game as most everyone does, and eventually found WH space (2009 I think, about the same year I started). I wanted money and I loved the risk and usually gained as much as I lost. That was interesting, but life moves on and RL happened with kids and all of that, plus PVE got boring. Because it is boring. So, I came back and decided I would PVP. I decided that I would engage anyone I had the barest chance of beating. I was doing this solo, and I came away with some kills I was very proud of. It worked and it was a ton of fun, win or lose.

One day I was hunting an explorer in a strange WH. I think it was a Buzzard, I am not sure and it doesn’t matter, but the next thing I know I am in structure. Confused by such a massive hit, I warp to a celestial and rep up. The next thing I know I get a convo from a guy in a smart bomb Proteus who was hunting the same guy I was and we became best EVE buddies to this day. We figured out the guy that we were hunting was part of a larger group and ended up getting a few more kills by working together. That was my best day in EVE.

I don’t think that experience can happen today. The closest I have come is trying to kill a guy in an insta-warp Venture who wouldn’t even talk to me. He just kept warping off, it was a dumb waste of all of our time. His method of play was baiting people who wanted to kill him and insta-warping away… This was the only action I have seen in the last two weeks, and I am pretty vigilant. Why, why I ask would anyone do this and this ends up being the bright spot in a 2 or 3 week period of hunting?

My point is this (and if you reply to this post, please reply to this point), I really think that the game has been so dumbed down that the majority of meaningful content that builds relationships is gone. you can simply join a mega-faction and make useless isk to your hearts content, and not much else. I’ve tried it (despite being a solo/very small group player) and it is boring as hell. I used to love hunting explorers WH site runners, they used to make great isk, but now they are rare to the point of not worth hunting. We used to get good day trippers, and now they are largely gone to the great capital mining/ratting crap yard in the sky, and are almost as afk as anything.

I want to hunt people. I don’t want to wait around to round up a posse that is going to engage a timer that won’t be defended or ends up in some meaningless fight, where I simply press F1 at the right time. I want to hunt people who do not want to be killed, and I want to do it on my own, or with a small group. We used to be able to track people with the contacts function, but they did away with that. Where can I find any sort of action remotely like what used to be? Or has this game turned into a gigantic PVE-fest where the only real PVP happens between people at the tippy-top of these ridiculous coalitions?

Please, where can I find meaningful content?

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So about your stuff…



If I get rid of my stuff, I am going to do it in the stupidest possible way. Heron full of PLEX.

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Well that’s not very creative…nor generous…to me…


Honestly, if you could come up with a hilarious way for me to give you my isk, I probably would. At a guess I’m probably worth 100b or so, which is stupid because I have only PVE’ed a month at a shot for the last 7 or so years. If you give me something good, I will probably do it. That goes for anyone.

I don’t think an “EVE 2” would make much difference if you still have the same people.


Isk is fairly worthless at this point. It won’t do you much good.

Not sure how the game has been “dumbed down”… you could give a specific example of this so it can be discussed.

If the only content you enjoy is wormhole pvp then you are pretty limited in what you can do in eve. People still go into wormholes, although I’m sure if they get killed enough times they will stop going…

Maybe join a wormhole corp? Stop playing solo maybe?

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A remake from what has learned can go a long way. I think most parents can look at their kids and come up with a better way to do it. I won’t be so presumptuous to say that I know what that answer is. I will say that the current product is a shadow of what it was, and that it sucks compared to what it used to be.

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No, Im not here to debate you. I’ve played the game a long time and my way of play is largely gone. I’m not really here to get into the usual EVE debate, I’ve played long enough that I know that it is a waste of time. Go mine or rat, or whatever it is you do.

The whole post boils down to “I can’t find the content I want delivered to me, so CCP better just make a completely new game!”

Leave empire space, OP, go to Wormholes, go to Nullsec. Stop chasing ventures and crying about how the game is dead.


I’m reasonably certain that you didn’t read my post at all.


Hunt for it. Seriously.

Not finding what you are looking for in WH? Move to where you will find it. Where is that place? No idea.

You could start by hunting me mind you. I ninja mine R64 moons. Although, I am possibly one of the few who still do that. And I haven’t done it routinely for a while either, simply because new content has been good for me this year (both self-created and CCP-donated). I did do a tour of bookmarked moons last week though and part of the problem appears to be that you and your ilk have all but hounded your prey to extinction.

In “my” area of LS, many of the previously occupied moon slots were empty. The remaining athanors across three regions have finally been consolidated under one banner. Technically, this banner has now been split across two alliance, but otherwise their original mission statement of trying to be the only owners of athanors regionally seems to have been realised. And the outcome? Nothing moves.

The previously main gate camp into LS was unmanned across several days. Main itinerant pirate also did not appear to have been active since Feb. Many of the remaining athanors were not active, possibly because the dispossessed did not take to the renter model? But, some renters are still active, as are the owners, albeit at a very few locations. All these are target-rich environments, with rorqs and excavators. And usually on the same days (arrogance will be the end of them).

The only pirates still around are the owners themselves and their new model seems to be to camp the two “trade hubs” with roams of 8-15, half in and half out of the stations, and fill them with tempting low cost goods. Seems a bit boring, and they largely just sit there, with others lurking on the transit routes to and from. All very predictable. If I was you, I might be tempted to turn “toe-cutter” and become a pirate who hunts other pirates Plus, all the planets are still active. And the same people still cloaky-camp the same systems (if you know where to look) and then still end up using impairors, at the same stations, at the same times, to light cynos to bring in JF. Targets all.


Would rewinding back to 2012 or earlier be what you are after?

I love players like you. I am a smaller fish though, I tend to hunt small guys, because I am either solo or duo. Unfortunately it has dried up horribly. I tend to hunt what I know (like most people), and WH exploration and site running is dead out flat lined.

The thing I have loved most is hunting PVE’ers who are dangerous, and do not want to be hunted. Like hunting real life bear or wild boar. I bet I can get that hunting you, but you wouldn’t be my first choice simply because I don’t know how you work or why.

I may have to change up my game for guys like you, but I am doubtful that it will pull many fights for me. None the less, I adore and appreciate people who play like you.

I guess I could if I ran a capital ship, but that is not really my game. I like to be light, and cheap cruisers and below. Maybe I need to change that up

If I haven’t replied to some of your idiot posts (not the guy I quoted, the other idiots) it is because I am after a real conversation and not lame sheep BS. Post something helpful and I will happily reply.

Have you tried FW? That can get you reliable PvP in a meta that may be new to you?

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I’ve hunted them, but yeah, that might be a good place for me. I just don’t want to get stuck in the group rut. I really adore solo or very small group. Any insight you can offer is appreciated.

Also I’ve seen a ton of activity in holes. I’d say 3/4 of them I bail on when exploring because I’m picking up hunters or other explorers in there.

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