So you want to beat eve its simple STOP CARING,

I have been here since eve began, and I just stopped worrying about the state or the direction of the game ,
I Just dont bother logging on anymore, If you dont give a ■■■■ about eves direction, eve is awesome. I may log on again but i probery wont bother.

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Cool story brotera.

Serious question, could you log in one last time and transfer ISK/assets to me?

Thanks man.


I could transfer all my supers, but that would be cruel so many ships would make you disillusioned and confused , so when you get older and deal with ships that used to be awesome, then i may give you my extra supers.


Nah man, I’ll suffer the confusion and take them.


So Sorry cant let another fellow pilot suffer that much, responsibility is a ■■■■■. :slight_smile:

now W>T>F should be banned . lol

Can I have your subcaps?


18 years is a good run no matter what.

Don’t leave bitter, though. You have a treasure trove of good memories from EvE that can never be taken from you regardless of where they take it.

I think I understand your point of view a bit, but at this point maybe just ride it out and see what happens.

Whatever you decide:


Its a shame CCP had such a good IP yet they muffed it up so much "A Benny Hill Sketch would have made them like they were compitent " But NO CCP stands by there ground , forget, players opinion, forget investors, forget the stock market, The last time such opinionated opinion was stalin, he did well lol.

Dude you are a die hard, but unfortunately 30 years to young.

Never too old or young to get free stuff.

Now, just contract it here. I’ll put it to good use.

Can I have some?

Bitter Vets, are called that for reason, if you have been promised, an ideology for a game, where you paid for this ideal month by month (thousands and thousands of dollars, over decades) and were basically kicked in the balls every time , Well thats CCP , Im sorry im a nice person, and i give any body more than a few chances, But. I HOPE CCP ■■■■■■■ DIES as fast as possible. We that are in the eve community are looking for a out ASAP. New world was a chance, but was not good enough, but when we find anything and i mean anything , close to eve we are all leaving. Simples :slight_smile:

Can i have you ?

due you got me wrong, I have no interests in set minds im lookin for preconception , Ideals that have never existed, So no opinion is ever wrong , i Just want opinions. dont care where they came from i just want your opinon, its nice to have a chat with somebody that has not been controlled yet. fly safe dude.

I think physicists have gotten themselves into trouble because their theories are often difficult or impossible to test. It has devolved into a bunch of 70 year olds arguing over which crazy mathematical model is the simplest, and therefore the best.

Astronomers are lucky - they deal with similar theories, but have a much easier time acquiring new data from the real world.

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Sorry but no , but Astronomers are having to adjust there ideas, every day, the latest NASA probes have proven they have no idea how this universe works. from the gravitation pull, to dark matter, or even dark energy (thats a cool one ) , to the single pull of jupiters moons, its so funny , this was all wrote in our world thousands of years ago, read your bible, (Ok im may be banned now) But the information is there in black and white, so find something your concerned about its all every every answer, it just take s time to decode it, seriously its not simple it takes a little work. but your life and you world outlook becomes awesome. welcome to the new world.

Before you take a hiatus, invest in me and my Corp Trade and Beyond! I’ll make you isk while your gone :grin:

Here’s my discord incase you want to consider it;

It isn’t that we don’t know how it works, its that we still discovering how it does work.

Someone can’t science that well huh?

Okay, are you feeling better now? Because, since you posting and still afraid to use your main char, you still care.

The only ones not caring, well go figure …

But these forums are already a mad house, why not another vent thread.

Yeah CCP is so worried, tx for your alt posting.

Obs: nice burn, gave you a heart.