Bear with me

@Dyver_Phycad That was my point man, when machines are too good at it, they cannot pass like humans. EVE is too friendly to machines, to the point it’s too costly to have anti botting, thanks for point that out, I thought it was implicit in my line of thought.

Which lead to ALPHAS cannot go red. CCP finally understood they not gonna win, wise decision, BUT it also means we reporting alphas multiboxing was true and CCP did jack about it. Like always the client is always mistreated around here. Wise decision nonetheless, just waaaaay late.

The bad:
Bragging about NPCs killing players? WHAT? That’s your sandbox advertising? While you devs make the most idiotic OP cheating NPCs? You not only are bad at AI design, you brag about it? Damn.

Last, “terrain advantage”? Seriously? Did you ask ChatGPT to write it? One cannot gain terrain advantage without terrain.

Closing thoughts:
Bottom line, I liked it, but I don’t have my resources anymore and I’m not gonna farm omega and without local prices I refuse to afford it.

I hope new navy stuff is good, I did not check it.

GG CCP, I bet you wouldn’t and you did, I lost. Way to go yet.

Bottom line: you angry? punch the wall, don’t biomass. :joy:



No, there are other explanations, like the one CCP themselves provided in the devblog:

To avoid players attempting to work around these new rules using Alpha clones, we are preemptively removing the ability for Alpha clones to disable safety

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Please post a link to the post you @mention me for.

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