CHEATING! LOL Thank you, CCP! :D

Meh … shame on you, CCP.

Reposting the crap from r/eve in to EVE-O GD is still a thing?


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Maybe I should switch it to C&P.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

There’s gotta be someone else who didn’t know about this. :slight_smile:

Don’t often read r/Eve but starting to think this guy Cable is some one I’m going to read about more , want to know more on his anti-TTT stance,
If anyone has links to any post

Why don’t you cilck his user name and check out his posting history?

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Only just downloaded Reddit, give me a chance :blush:

Ewww reddit app …
… but that explains it.

You’re not using the browser. (much less of a privacy concern)
There you would likely have just intuitively clicked the username.

inb4 lock

Also, reposting from reddit just to start pointless fight is pathetic…

I’m not starting a fight …
… but it sure looks like you want to start a fight.


No fighting here and thxs Solstice for posting

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Wow. R/eve really is a cesspool isn’t it?

Why do you read it?

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Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here. This is the War Room!
– Dr. Strangelove

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Man I could write several pages, but I guess I must keep it short, so …

I don’t think of it that way and it’s actually timezone and topic-dependent.
There’s good and bad people. The fact that EVE is niche also helps with it.
These guys are different from us.

Most of them seem to be line-members-quality-of-people …
… which means they’re probably okay-ish in person …
… but suffer from the usual delusions when you’re a nobody and part of a bigger group.

It’s also really important to not just read one source about something,
and even more so is it important to only read little mainstream, but lots of off-mainstream.

I believe that having no favourites, style or tendencies is the most optimal way to go …
… which is quite the opposite of the current Zeitgeist.

Try /r/sino. : - )

If that was cheating then ganking is also.


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