CCP Employees favoring some Players over others

No big news coming from CCP. The game developer that had to establish the (crooked) CSM over one of their Employees favoring and actively helping a player group. Now again we are at a point where different rules apply to different players. In this case playergroups.
Crossposting from Reddit I stumbled across this gem clearly highlighting CCPs organized favoritism :

How does it make the PVPers feel that get juicy but ultimately meaningless kills because CCP reimburses neglect and an absolutely justified kill because the victim appereantly is a first class citizen of new eden, I.e. streamer. How does it make the rest of the community feel that while they struggle to make ISK and fund their (pvp) habits others get a special treatment and somewhat active funding. How does it make the people with active tickets feel, that their support cases get treated poorly while others (partners / streamers) get all the ressources CCPs support team have to offer.

This certainly is not a rare thing and further hurts the already heavily tarnished relation the community has with CCP.


I am shocketh. Doesn’t come as a surprise with that kind of CEO. :innocent:

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Again I am highlighting an Issue and you are calling for violence IRL ?

I flagged your reply because it’s inappropriate. There’s no reason for you to constantly demean, belittle and antagonize the OP in various threads. This community is toxic enough as is, definitely doesn’t need any more added to it.

You’re right to so. Thanks for keeping an eye on inappropriate posts o7

I for once agree with you.

This week is ■■■■…

Wheres the proof the partner got reimbursed? I’d like to see some proof before getting my pitchforks out.

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Davai T2 BPO !

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Please stop trolling

How is asking for proof a troll? Clearly you’re just here to cause outrage, but you’re doing a poor job of it.


who cares? take care of your game and do not look at others.

Thread closed.

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