I wholeheartedly disagree.

There is a reason why people like yourself and Dracvlad frequent these forums far more than reddit, which makes it pretty obvious why CCP devs prefer reddit. Here you can not get downvoted where you belong. As long as the people on the forums can not moderate/downvote toxic people like yourself, who hide their true selfs behind good manners, most CCP members will just stay away.

CCP should be there where less toxic people are. They should also be most active there were the most people are. Reddit is a paradise compared to this place and the reasons for that are plain obvious for anyone who isn’t a part of the problem.

The last thing I’d want is for the people at CCP to become as disgruntled and bitter as most others around here. Unlike you am I well aware that these are actual people with actual feelings.


What an asshole. CCP should be with their CUSTOMERS on their CUSTOMER FORUMS.

Reddit is for wannabees with huge egos. It is a blight on the internet.


I totally agree with OP. I hope the shock is not too big :smiley:


Honestly I kinda of agree with the OP.

Going by past experiences (like the stupid Dev Fleet ops for the ghost sites introduction), I should not have to be watching twitter, twitch and Reddit all at the same time while the Official forums are silent.

If it were me i would Ban employees from using their official monikers (CCP [inset name]) from engaging on other media other than the forums.


Breaking News!
Salt Foambreaker does not actually read the eve online forums!


@ISD_Buldath :+1:

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I have removed one inappropriate Post, and edited another that Quoted said inappropriate post.


Because reddit is one of the stupidest discussion boards?


I don’t really care. Both are tools, that have their pros and their cons. Just because you don’t have the same value of pros and cons as the devs, does not make you right and them wrong.

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I find it curious that the CCP guys prefer Reddit. I, personally, cannot stand Reddit.


That’s because reddit is where players with brains actually exist. CCP gets actual feedback from people who can back up their claims with numbers and data. The forums are filled with entitled garbage and whiny carebears who are afraid of silly things like cloaky camping.


Exactly! These people are here,
because here nothing stops them from spreading their ■■■■■■■■.
On the contrary, many people are even enabling them, often unintentionally.

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Thanks to you, I’ve discovered this one!

I hate this thread! :smiley:

The kind of BS like “CCP proved that killing people increases retention” . Or “correlation is causation”.
Or “farmer trash”.

Yeah I totally agree with you that this kind of stupidity is actually very present on the forum.


No legitimate company should be having anything to do with Reddit.


Please, split reddit as whole from EVE subreddit. It’s community and moderators of specific subreddits decides what type of content is allowed. Putting everything on reddit into one bag is dumb argument. Proving only that you don’t have any idea about how website works.

While I agree with OP that it’s really bad that CCP don’t appear on own forum and most of informations is shared elsewhere. Main reason for it is forum community that is beyond recovery.


Even Middle-management Dino would get a chuckle out of that one!


Legitmate companies will understand that social media outreach is a vital part of their engagement with the community and avoiding one of the most popular and highest trafficked websites on the planet just because of “parental controls” google search is absolute pants on head dumb.

Take a look at the cloaky camping whine thread that’s been going on for years now, kid.

They have a fairly high “no dumb crap” threshold. I’m sorry you cannot meet that threshold regularly and feel like your opinions are silenced. They’re bad opinions.


A computer game company should not be using a site that the parents of their customers have on parental control.

It’s that simple.

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