Official EVE Forums vs EVE Reddit: Which and When?

I’ve never really got into Reddit for anything, so I’d appreciate everyone’s feedback on preferences and experiences on this one.

  • If you had to pick just one for posting (either categorically or on a per-post basis, ie. no dual-posting), when would you prefer to use the EVE Forums or the EVE Reddit?
  • Which do you prefer to read for non-official content?
  • Are CCP/CSM/ISD members known to use Reddit and clearly identified with verifiable identities?
  • Who (if anyone) moderates the Reddit forums?
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r/eve by far

Less carebears whining and crying about bumping or ganking. A lot more useful information being exchanged. People actually have thicker skin and can take banter without crying about it.

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It’s more up with nullsec and the current meta (at least for PVP. PVE advice the forum is better).

Most CCP devs post on R before the offical forums thus EVE/R is the official forums

Talk about child tball versus the New York Yankees

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First and foremost, reddit is not a forum, it is a sounding board for like minded people to feel validated in their opinion and to stomp out any non-conformist ideologies so that they can continue to bathe in the warm glow of uncontested majority consensus.

In short, reddit is safe comfortable place for lemmings to follow each other around with the assurance that they will never have to actually defend their opinions against REAL opposition.

Given that…

All EVE discussion formal or informal should take place on the EVE forums because critical minority opinions are protected by EVEs forum design and EVEs forum moderators.


Analyzing the reasons Dev prefer reddit over the “official” forums and the effects that has had on this community might lead you to some hints at why this game is in the state it is.


This is exactly what I’m talking about crying and whining carebears on the official forums. lol


I think it actually comes down to them being paid to do their job when at work, which doesn’t include hanging on the forums as part of their job description.

While outside work they are free to do what they want, and a number of them happen to be redditors, so r/eve is a natural subreddit they are active on (although less now than previously. CCP devs take a bit of a caning on reddit, so their participation there now is much lower than it was a couple of years ago).

You can get a sense of that from the times they post on r/eve, which also isn’t during business hours generally. So they aren’t posting to either the forums or reddit while at work, but outside work, they use reddit as part of their own social activities.

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Talking about their work on a 3rd-party site, “on their off-time :wink:” to the point it becomes the “place to go” to get info, for some… points to why so many feel that CCP has catered to a minority of players at the expense of everyone else.


To be fair, if the majority of the people on the official forums didn’t just whine and cry about getting bumped or cloaky camped and started actually discussing meaningful stuff about the game, I’m sure CCP would spend more time reading through the posts here too.


That is one reason why so many feel the majority is being ignored.


Then they’re more than welcome to voice their opinion about it. :woman_shrugging:

And suggest why the game is in the state it is…

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Sure. But most of the stuff I’m seeing is just whining and crying about getting bumped and cloaky camped. Or dumb suggestions designed to reduce getting bumped or cloaky camped.

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One person’s concern about some game mechanic is another person’s “whine”.

And “round and round” it goes…


Hence the state that the game is in

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But this is only a problem for the tiny minority of scared carebears and renters.
This isn’t a problem in lowsec, this isn’t a problem in highsec, this isn’t a problem in wormhole space. Quite frankly, this isn’t even a problem in MOST of nullsec either.

Of course.

That tiny minority that does not play the game or if they do, won’t talk in local or join a corp with other real members in it.
BTW your rank bias is so dripping in your posts I would not blame anybody who sees it and decides “I don’t wan to play with people like that”. If it were up to me, I would kick everybody like you out of this game for the same reason that you don’t get invited to parties.

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