Why is /r/eve still a partner?

/r/eve is the absolute worst partner CCP Games could ever have.

The subreddit is what initially attracted me to Eve Online but it has recently become an enemy of the game. Anyone searching for information about Eve Online is likely to be directed to /r/eve and instantly be discouraged from ever trying the game.

Why does CCP continue to list /r/eve as a partner considering the level of RAW HATE that spews from this pit of toxicity?

I would hate to think you’re rewarding anyone for it.

CCP - Please remove /r/eve from the partner program.


Even bad publicity is good publicity. If every 1 out of a hundred stays in the game then it’s a win for CCP, considering where the game is headed…


I just feel sad for all the complete noobs that go there and see all that bitter hatred and start asking the sub if they should even play this game.

I know the sub always tells them in the comments to just play the game and enjoy it and do whatever makes them happy and they are supportive there but the actual state of that sub is just sad sometimes.

Still some good memes though can’t deny that.

yo, Vinne, I love your videos man thank you for the like. You are my favourite Eve content creator. Much love.

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All negative feedback should be deleted from the internet.


You can try and counter that by creating newbie initiatives. Go help newbies in Rookie channel, talk to newbies, show them the game and show them that instead of doom and gloom and “forever newbie” they can do well and be prosperous, even an as alpha.

Interact with and support newbs. Don’t just only nuke a newbie in a Heron but also contact him afterwards.

Then which community do you think is eligible for the Partner Program?

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I’m not here to suggest a similar worthy partners. I’m hare to point out that /r/eve seems to fall heavily outside the partner program guidelines


  • “Maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere”

Given that maybe they should remove the forums too


:wink: I think we can all agree that it is a hard job for sure. These forums have more accountability and consequence though.

I’ll be honest. I avoided the official forums because in the past they were super toxic but it got better during the several years I wasn’t reading them while /r/eve got much much worse.

I take no joy in calling for /r/eve to be de-partnered.


You get what you sow. If CCP continuously releases bad features, even the friendliest of communities will eventually turn into a hateful mob. I remember times when the forums were called the cesspool of the community and r/eve the glorious hub of supportiveness for EVE. If that has changed and reversed, then I would be very worried in your case.

I am just glad that more people started to see just how bad of a developer CCP really is and stopped blissfully ignoring all the glaring issues and started to give them flak for their bad quality. The more people realize this, the sooner we can have a better game again.

These criteria are still met on r/eve simply by virtue of the Stupid Questions thread and the Nice Friday thread every week, as well as responses to newbie topics. Here, though? Newbie questions remain unanswered for hours.

Do they? For a time, CCP actively tried to stifle any kind of conversation with the Slow Mode for every topic they created. This led to situations where trolls could just flag all kinds of posts that they didn’t like and the post would not be able to revert the hiding of their content even though it did not break any rules. And where’s the accountability when you cannot even flag a CCP post for the sheer stupidity that was posted because you receive a warning or temp ban if you do?




/r/eve is full of people that post there because they were banned or would be banned on official forums. If not for reddit, here it would look basically the same with all the memes and threads posted.

Official forums are heavily moderated, and the threads can be hidden by moderators, and people banned permanently.

CCP would need to start talking with its playerbase instead of just turtling up and pushing the stuff to the game, stuff nobody really asked for, for people to calm down.

/r/eve is the real picture


Right now, we need more people than ever put off the game. Let it die, rather than selling gawks at the corpse.


/r/eve is an echo-chamber of toxic bitter vets, mostly from null sec. It is hardly ‘the real picture’.

Sadly it is easy for new or prospective players to end up on reddit before committing to the game. Who knows how many have been put off by what they have read there.


They do a good job then. If CCP didnt want to listen to them, they have the right to express their dissatisfaction openly, without excess censorship.

The players are the necessary part of game, but they can remove themselves from it, and inform anyone else what does the game look like.

People who played game the longest, who did it all, are the most experienced ones, the part of the gamer playerbase who invested the most, and they care the most.

Mass unsub may be the most desperate, but also the best option.


Calm Down Snowflake

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No, /r/EVE is not an enemy of the game. It’s the only place players can actually post freely about the state of the game without their posts getting Basterloded. People on /r/EVE don’t hate the game, they hate what CCP is doing to the game and the direction things are headed. Which is indicative of the fact that they love EVE Online and care about what happens to it. Otherwise why would they be upset?

Actions – consequences. Dev makes stupid choices – angry player base.


I’ve liquidated all my industry related assets and trained all my toons for combat. Just gonna grief until the servers are turned off.

CCP playing stupid games, CCP winning stupid prizes. :man_shrugging:

12 years in the game, 10 on this character… I’ve done it all. Can confirm: don’t get attached to whatever you do in EVE, CCP will come along and ruin it completely.


You know what’s especially funny? You’d sooner get in touch (exchange feedback, report bugs, and so on) with a CSM member or even a CCP employee using the /r/eve reddit channel than trying to do it here on the official game forum.

Puzzling, isn’t it?


Time to cancel reddit eh?

I’ve played Eve since 2005. I wonder who the “enemy” of Eve really is.


Learn to understand this quote.

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Reddit has a larger audience than Eve’s twitter, youtube, facebook and whatever else you can name combined.

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