Before you complain

Know this CCP IS no longer owned by the original CCP. I have played 2 amazing mmos over my years… no wait. Runescape as well. Star wars galaxies was amazing.

I got into Eve towards the end of that game & it got killed. Too many players leaving… due to changes. EVE I loved, again a sandbox.

Like SOE they have destroyed the game, but as it starts to close they made the right choice for the company & sold it.

I have played eve subbed & as an alpha, I am happy to say this game is going to the grave. It needs to. It’s become a standard p2w game.

CCP said they would never do. Now that it’s sold, PA can do what they want. CCP has no real control. So thanks for all the fish the door has hit me on the way out… suck yo mum e.t.c… No I am biomassed.

Low effort whine. Can you try harder, please?


I still enjoy it, though it has been getting that Korean MMO grindfest vibe for a couple years now…


hey i don’t see all the reasons you guys have to cry all the time about the game
to me eve is still very good
the only thing i don’t like is red modules (they don’t belong in eve)
but abyssal content is good for pve people
i think for the reputation they have as a cash grab mobile mmo maker PA was letting eve be eve for now
gj new Korean overlords


Trolls will continue to try to troll their way out of the truth. OP is right. %100.00


This is the same game it has always been. Eve is almost indistinguishable from what it was 10+ years ago, other than how the majority of the players approach the game. IRL, energetic revolutionary youth turn into lethargic conservatives who mostly worry about their retirement accounts. Eve is just a mirror of that.


Don’t wish to burst your thread here but I wish to pick this part out and then re read the thread title again…

Alright, Alpha accounts have access to so much in Eve Online with less restrictions than many other lengthy time commitment based games. Inventory space, ability to see the complete map, a market that is alive. Asteroids that are just asking for your presence.

The only reason why you are seeing this game as a pay to win game is that you are greedy and are wanting everything for nothing.

Time to relearn the basics of the alpha account before claiming such shenanigans about New Eden is going to the grave.



Hilmar is not the real Hilmar? Body snatchers? OMG we need to call David Icke and report this reptilian infiltration of CCP.


You couldnt be if you wrote that


lol, most of the retarded game design decisions that are now being rolled back were made long before PA bought EVE. If anything I hope that PA does some serious reorganization in the top of CCP because the track record of the current crew is not very good.


Gotta agree. As a player from launch on and off Eve’s basic principles have not changed. There’s been relatively little power creep, and there’s no real loot gating. Eve’s timegating issues have been alleviated. Even if I don’t super approve of the method.

PLEX was rough on Eve, but CCP were faced with massive bot based RMT and PLEX was a huge move in reducing that. I don’t think it was good for the players, but it was probably the right move. It brought those dollars in to CCP instead of third party websites.

The complaints I see today are the same as the complaints I saw 15 years ago.

“I can’t catch up with the vets”

Yeah you can. A 120m sp character can’t apply all 120m to a single ship. It takes a few months to get on an equal footing in a single activity. And these days you can buy those SP.

Pilot skills > bling every time.

People are making the same whining threads about Trig ships that they made about T3 ships. They were the same whines as the introduction of T2. The same as when capitals started to show up.

Nothing changes.

The only new complaint I’ve seen is alpha toons complaining that omega toons have access to more gameplay. Well d’uh — that’s literally what alpha clones are about.


You drastically under appreciate the influences of a couple specific eras in Eve.

Now add on the fact that CSM has the whole of Null eve locked up in a secret truce where the elite benefit while the miners get nerfed.

In era #1 I was won. A niche new game with aspirational goals.
In era #2 We had the growth in null [oh those original empires <3]
In era #3 we had the walking in stations time
In era #4 we backed away from the whole Dust/WIS thing and they got real serious about breaking up the null bears
Which lead us to fozzie sov - the great sov unwinder that never was

Then we wandered into structure spam era
and now we’re in the era of Cash grab and nerfs.

So I think a lot has changed actually. This has gone from a vision where some ambitious engineers wanted to build a space world…to …well go look at the main page of CCPs site and see what they’re peddling now.

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Game feels fine to me, and I have played on and off since 2006.

Was it better before? Well yes but we are also looking at the past with rose tinted glasses so it is what it is.


Compared to 10 years ago, Eve today is a shadow of it’s former self.


…and yet here you (and your fellow whiners) still are…

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And yet again you read more into what’s actually written (as expected from a forum troll like you)

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Ya, I’m the troll yet here you are day in and day out whining about the game and CCP…

Look in the mirror…


That’s just a basic in any game that lives for more than a year, the crowd constantly crying about how the game was “much better before”, in every aspect according to them, and fails to see that it is either just nostalgia, or due to elements unrelated to the game itself (the community, for example).

A very easy example is WoW Classic. For more than a decade, part of the community was crying about how the game was sooo perfect back in the days.

Now that it is available, everybody can see with their own eyes how objectively trash WoW Vanilla was, compared to what WoW is now (despite obvious flaws that I won’t deny nonetheless).