The sandbox has been sold out. CCP turning their game into a P2W

As the title says.

Lots of changes to the game recently. Let’s not try to build any narrative about CCP wanting to create a more dynamic game or a reduction of low attention game play, or getting rid of the lazy ass players. This is simply CCP turning the game into a P2W.



They did that years ago. Why start complaining now?



Ow a drone bit my bum.

Ban auto-drones now!

It’s simple tbh and I’m shocked with all your posting you need me to walk you through it all but it goes like this.

with how ratting has had it arse ripped out of it with ESS and BRM, more accounts will downgrade to Alpha account. There is just no way on earth someone can plex more than one, two tops, their accounts. Hence why this game is turning more and more into a P2W.

But Alphas arent paying and theres no winning

Then you really don’t get the P2W model.

So if I sub my acct’s, I’m paying to win?


I dont pay to win in a game without winning, thats true.

Go read the definition of a P2W model and come back when you’ve got a bit of understanding.


You are still wrong.

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Eve online is not pay to win


Eve became p2w with skill injectors.

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This is tin foil hattery that is being perpetuated by a particular type of player. Just like the only people who say, “everyone has a price,” are the people that can be bought, it takes a particular type of player to believe and perpetuate this unsubstantiated nonsense.

The only people who believe this are (1) players who don’t know how to adapt, (2) players who feel entitled to a certain level of income and don’t know how to live within their means, and (3) players who ignore all the evidence supporting CCP’s assertions that there was unsustainable economic activity that needed to be adressed (such as capital proliferation, T1 ship prices dropping by half, and slowly falling mining incomes).

Look, devs sometimes have to nerf stuff. It sucks, but income nerfs alone aren’t evidence of nefarious anti-consumer or P2W intent.

Sigh, look, I’ve been on the receiving end of income nerfs -note the plurality. So, I know what it feels like. However, I made a conscious decision to not only adapt to change, but to try to profit it from it. Now, I have not found a way to profit from every change, but this attitude has helped me to profit from some changes, helped me to grow as a player, and has greatly increased my fun and satisfaction with the game. Perhaps, you might have a similar experience if you tried doing the same.


My dude, literally nothing in Eve is Pay-to-Win. It’s far too complex for that. You can pay for a fully skilled Titan pilot, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t going to get absolutely dunked when you bring it out for the first time because you have no clue what you’re doing, how to fit it, how to use it, or how not to use it.

If Eve were Pay-to-Win, you’d never see several billion Isk battleships getting dunked by a simple T1 Battlecruiser or, in my particular experience, a Harbinger being solo’d by an Incursus.

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P2W how I see it in Eve now.

Null sec ratting has a small number of systems that can reach a full potential. Most of the system in null have such a small truesec that its pointless upgrading them.

Now these small, good truesec systems are being put under a double edge sword system. One where CCP want activity but punish activity at the same time. they are deluded thinking PVP content in every region is a regular occurence.

Since my thinking is this is an under the radar approach to turn the game more and more into a P2W is simply down to seeing systems worthy of being upgraded being hit by the BRM where it is now paying 65%. This has a knock on effect. Less NPC bounties means either a. more time is required to plex accounts or b. more subs are paid via RL.

Now P2W is In some games, players who are willing to pay for special items, all of your Omega accounts could be deemed as having access to special items.

Alpha - limited availability to ships, modules which has a knock on effect on the type of content you have access to.

Every decision CCP is making at the minute has consequences and this new ESS, BRM and Drone nerf is going to hit hard, especially in regions where truesec status is low to begin with and a fully upgraded system doesn’t give the payout required to plex accounts every 30 days.

Yup krab cant live without his 70m ticks.




Charming and so sadly expected.