CCP - Can you please talk to the community again

Tell us what you are doing, what is happening. Communicate with us, work with us.
This game is looking more and more like a cheap mobile game, and i hate it.
What’s next, do we have to pay for mining and rats with plex?


@CCP_Rattati has been very clear in communicating to the community his plans for EVE.

He wants to punish the players with “all stick and no carrots”, we are supposed to “take our medicine and shut up” and “if you don’t like it you should just quit”.


Are these direct quotes?

They are


Gonna need some sources.

Those are his words, they are from one of the videos he did with someone

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Again, no sources, just vague references that are impossible to google.

I’m fairly certain it’s that one considering if you Google CCP Rattatti player quit, that video pops up


That’s the same video where he said they weren’t going to sell skill points directly too right? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I think so. I don’t have timestamps

You should purchase the monthly “Communications with CCP” bundle that offers a monthy dev blog, a link to eve reddit, and a fully functioning EVE News and future development timeline. At $9.95 per month, I feel it’s a steal. :thinking::wink:


I’m now a huge a fan of CCP Rattati. He tells it like it is.


6:42 into the video @CCP_Rattati “we definitely don’t want to sell skillpoints” :rofl: :rofl:


There’s “telling it like it is” and then there’s insulting and being condescending to your customers. In my opinion Rattati crossed the line to insulting.

This is a video game, supposedly a fun pastime (that many of us pay for), not a RL job. Our options are many out there. If Rattati thinks that telling us to shut up and take it or leave is a good strategy in an open marketplace with many other choices for entertainment then he is sorely mistaken and the falling player login numbers would bear that out.


Right, but you’re interpreting “don’t want to” as “will not”

Whereas its more along the lines of “i don’t want to slap you but you’re getting hysterical so imma have to slap you”

You can do something you don’t “want” to do but “have” to do

Isn’t it summer now? CCP goes on vacation during summer.

That’s one of the problems when the developers only say those things on various livestreams, it makes it difficult to search for, or remember which stream you saw it on.

I want to say it was a CCP Twitch stream in early 2020 when the resource nerfs were still fairly new where he stated how the players had it too good for too long and now it was time to “take our medicine” and it would be “all sticks and no carrots” for a while.

People who do that are shady people who don’t deserve their position. Wanting is the same as will since it takes will to get what you want

I hope CCP Rattati gets a raise and a bonus, he’s doing Bob’s work.

You would