I see how it is CCP, your new way of Making $$$

(Gallente Citizen 11011231) #1

CCP seems to be in the business of wanting to bait people to spend $$$ on skill injectors, PLEX, etc to get into great stuff like the Rorqual, Carriers, etc.

Then once enough people finish their investment, CCP goes ahead and then yoinks their investment in such a short period of time.

They nerfed Rorquals, Carriers, and other ships that required a massive amount of time and money to reach because of problems that they themselves have created.

It’s clear to me that CCP feels that their game is sinking and their plan is to suck as much money out of gullible players as possible before they finally pull the plug.

I play this game a long time ago ever since 2009, I stopped playing for about 2 years and then came back to see how things are.

I remember when all you really needed to play the game was a subscription and if you really wanted ISK was to get PLEX.

But now they have added skill injectors, multiple account training, accelerators,etc etc.

It seems clear to me that this game has gone downhill as it becomes more cashgrabby than a Gold Digger on a Billionaire’s house.

(Abyss Azizora) #2

Can’t deny the game has gotten more and more cash shop/gold digger focused than it has ever been. :frowning:

(QuakeGod) #3

Unfortunately, every game is headed towards micro-transactions and “free to play”, even the once-great, subscription-only EVE. Give it a couple more years and it will be no more than a sparsely populated Korean MMO grindfest full of nothing but bots…

Dev blog: Black Desert Online makers Pearl Abyss to acquire CCP!
(Bjorn Tyrson) #4

how dare a company be in the business of making money!!!

(Abyss Azizora) #5

A sucker born every minute.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #6

i guess your right, ccp shouldn’t care about money at all, they should give us everything for free.

(Abyss Azizora) #7

I’d explain it all to you and have a thoughtful discussion, but these are the Eve forums, and your response was pre-canned ignorance taken from the likes of 4chan/reddit posts, and so your likely trolling me to begin with, meaning it would be wasted effort for me to even bother. Hell this very response is likely wasted time itself.

For OTHER posters who are not trolling down the line, my position is simply that the game’s subscriptions and cosmetics should be all the income CCP needs. And would carry even securely into the future, were CCP not wasting money on other garbage with no market appeal, and constant failed/abandoned projects. Anything more and CCP is just trying to drive Eve into the abyss while squeezing every cent it can.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #8

please do try and explain it to me. I’m interested to see why you think that ccp, as a company, shouldn’t be in the buisness of making money?

they are still developing the game, there are still balance patches and new content being pushed out for subscribers, they also sell pretty ship pixels as an option for people who want them. no one is forcing you to buy anything? in fact ccp isn’t even forcing you to pay for a sub anymore, you can go alpha and still enjoy a limited form of the game and not pay a cent.

so please, explain away.

(Abyss Azizora) #9

sigh I already did, you just didn’t have reading trained to level 2 yet. Go back up one post and try to read the “entire” thing this time. I’ll wait.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #10

your opinion, that ccp should be content with the amount of money they make as is, isn’t a good reason. companies are always looking for ways to expand, ccp might have a bad track record with that, but that doesn’t mean they should just give up and stop trying.
skins have been successful, if they didn’t make money from them then they would stop making them. just because YOU don’t have an interest in them doesn’t mean that no one does.

I have zero interest in wormholes, so obviously ccp should just remove them from the game right?

(The AntiChrist666 Diablo13) #11

LOL that is dark lmao

(Tipa Riot) #12

I don’t see a problem with milking the rich, stupid, greedy players as long as they don’t get an unfair advantage (like “gold ammo”), and they don’t. This is very much EvE. We just have to stand their whining on the forums, when they realize that throwing $$$ at the game lead them nowhere near the “god mode”.

(Smart Sister) #13


Imagine that you move to a new city and rent a house in a quiet area, with a pool, nice view in the front and a big garden in the back. After the first month, the owner starts building a guest house in the front yard - with all the noise that a construction job implies. Then he decides to do a tennis courtyard where the garden was. Then, because of all the dust and because he needs the space, he “temporarily” disbands the pool too.

All the investments, in the owner’s opinion ( not yours ), are going to raise the value of the property, and you should be grateful that he does that while you can still enjoy that property ( even though, by the time your contract will end, you will only have 3-4 weeks left to do that, and for the next contract the rent will be much too high for you to afford ).

Everything is legal. Does it make it right for you ?

(Chainsaw Plankton) #14

I mean the same issues were there in 2009, just had to go digging on the Char Bazaar instead of buying injectors.

and as they say don’t chase FotM you are just setting yourself up to get nerfed.

(Black Pedro) #15

Indeed. Eve is not only a non-linear sandbox game where individual power means little and goals are undefined anyway, and anyone who thinks their credit card allows them to unlock “god mode” is in for a rude awakening.

Still, the OP is largely correct. Eve Online has come a long way from the “pure” competitive game it launched as where in-game power was solely determined by in-game actions and effort and progression was only based on time. I mean it is thankfully still a self-contained ecosystem (although skill farms are skirting this line allowing massively parallel conversion of PLEX to SP) , but legal RMT in the form of PLEX allows those with a big credit card to buy relative progression against the other players.

If you and I started the game at the same time, have the same skill and spend the same amount of hours playing, your credit card will make a massive difference if we go head-to-head over an objective. Your credit card allows to pay other players for their help/time legally via PLEX, and part of CCP’s business model is to monetize that pay-to-win RMT. Just because the benefits of this are not always obvious, or even relevant, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. PLEX allows you to trade in-game power for game time so anyone who denies that isn’t some sort of pay-for-advantage is fooling themselves. Of course it is or no one would do it.

So I think it is fine for the OP to lament the passing of a more innocent time in Eve Online where trading in game power was verboten and the game was more “pure” and funded only by subscription. But that line was crossed a long time ago with PLEX and the character bazaar, and while I think SP trading opened a Pandora’s Box of other problems related to game balance, it is essentially just more of the same and as a concepts fits in fine with the hyper-capitalistic theme of Eve.

I do hold CCP responsible though for spending significant developer’s resources making the game more “cash grabby” and the option to trade for in-game power more in your face over the last years. That developer team could have been working on implementing real game play, and while maybe CCP felt it necessary for the long-term health of the game, it certainly wasn’t necessary for my enjoyment of the game. Therefore, I agree with the OP by the game has been diminished, or at least the development of the game slowed by all these attempts at monetization and I only hope that the opportunity cost they will pay in people leaving the game because of lack of progress on fixing problems and implementing new game play was worth it.

(Ezulan Tran) #16

I’m a very demanding gamer, as the old time 15 days free trials i would never pay for this game, because its not enough time for me to explore and decide should i play it or not. But now for free ( as alpha clone) i spent 45 days to explore …etc making friends. And now i decide to be come Omega. So i think its a CCP big step success forward. That is how they make $$$

(Tipa Riot) #17

You have this all the time in RL, governments make laws benefitting unwillingly a small portion of the people, they abuse the oversight until politics changes the law again devaluing the investments of those relying on the old law.

Back to the game, the only difference now is that with skill injectors CCP has much less time to react on unexpected side effects.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #18

Shhhh, they might get their ideas from Blizzard and start charging expansions full price!

(Yuri Titov) #19

Lemme get this right, paying for subscription and being rewarded with SP over time regardless of effort was fine - even tho that’s P2W in it’s purest form.
But putting in game effort in to earn isk, buy SP and close SP gap is somehow not ok?

Did OP inject a rorqual before the nerfs and is a tiny bit salty?

(yellow parasol) #20

Thanks for telling us the obvious.