I lost faith in CCP

When I started playing this game (2016) I was mesmerized by Rorquals, Carriers, freighters, and Dreads! Because that’s what CCP was advertising! The idea that if I worked hard in the game and played smart I could fly all these capitals was an awesome goal and the risks were exciting as well. It took me years of paid subscription and multiple characters to get to that point. I would say on average I spent about $100-200 USD a month on this game, from game time to plex or some pack that came out. Also I believed in supporting what I enjoyed playing.

So what is the issue? I have a character with over 100m SP’s and others in the 50-75m range, I can do almost anything in the game I want, and I have. I spent countless hours and lots of money playing this game. All the things I invested in are worthless now. My playstyles have been destroyed. And worse content has dried up. Abyssal stuff (PVE and PVP) sucks it just does and it isn’t fun. Another thing is the asset safety changes, while they didn’t affect me, it was such a dishonorable move by a game developer, many of my friends will never come back because of that. Introducing gambling in the game was a pretty despicable move as well.

You know what’s fun? Knowing you can come back to this game if real life happens. Knowing that the time and money you invested in this game will lead to you being able to do something worthwhile.
Incursions! Making ISK while chatting it up with a bunch of people, that was great. Now its almost impossible to get into a fleet doing this and the ganking is just ridiculous.
Mining! Shooting rocks, fending off pirates and hunters while chatting it up with people, that was great. Now you have to do it in high sec while getting ganked, yay.
Hunting Rorquals and Supers! some of the best times to be had, now almost extinct. Also some of the most tense moments I’ve had being on the receiving end of this.
Ratting! I enjoyed belt ratting looking for faction spawns. I enjoyed anomalies and getting escalations, trying to outsmart hunters. Is it totally gone? no but its a shadow of what it was and currently sucks.

CCP’s push to reduce income and make things harder to make along with making ships more powerful while also making them weaker is in my opinion a slap in the face to the customers. Then, we get ships and play styles that took time and money to get into and they have nerfed them to the point that you can’t even do them, and if you can the risk isn’t worth the reward! CCP is telling us that they don’t care if you have been a loyal customer, they will make your time and money worthless because its good for them! This is about monetization pure and simple!

If my loyalty and money isn’t worth CCP taking the time to see how I want to play this game, then they will get no more support from me, I won’t spend another penny! This is the only way to communicate my disappointment to CCP as they have refused to listen.


I wanted to start playing this game, but honestly… with all I see and with the huge player decline… I won’t waste time on a sinking ship.


And you didn’t read anything.


Let me get this straight. You downloaded the game and created a character so you could join the forum less than an hour ago to declare you don’t like this game.

I think you’ve been too long in lockdown, bro.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Can I have your stuff?


Many years ago CCP recognized some aspects about their most loyal players.

Since then they have prioritized game design toward those aspects, frequently at the expense of other less popular aspects. This has resulted in a more focused player base, to the detriment of the remaining player base, IMO.

I haven’t played very much over the last 5 years but each time I check back CCP seems to have “painted” itself into a smaller corner.


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It’s funny, I have my doubts too, but then I read your reasons why feel as you do and realized a lot of your problem is not with CCP, but with you being self-centered and unwilling/unable to adapt.

  • All your investments are worthless?
    Lemme guess, you’re angry that some of your ships got nerfed, and you can’t stop focusing on how it affects you in order look at how it impacts overall game balance and the health of the game.

  • All your play styles have been destroyed?
    I dunno, have you tried adapting instead of angrily persisting in the same deprecated strats?

  • Content has dried up?
    CCP does indeed deserve plenty of blame here. However, you cannot discount the impact of real world events of declining player numbers.

  • Gambling is despicable?
    What are you a puritan? It’s not like they are targeting a vulnerable population (average player age is in the 30’s), and it is not specifically designed in ways to be addictive or exploitive.

  • Forsaken Fortress was dishonorable?
    Okay, so I do consider this a mistake. I could write a couple of paragraphs on why I think this is, but since we agree, I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Ganking is a ridiculous?
    Have you tried not sucking? You do realize that balance favors prey in HS so much that you can reduce your chances of being ganked to damn near zero if you know what you’re doing. Of course, some incursion groups insist that members fly loot pinatas. In fact, WTM, “a newbro friendly community,” is now requiring people to fly ships in the 3-4 billion isk range. So yeah, ganking is going to be a problem when your community requires that you turn your ship into a profitable gank target.

  • Incursions!
    Well, I guess you can blame CCP for wait times. But this is a complicated matter, and we agree, so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Mining!
    See ganking.

  • Hunting!
    See content.

  • Ratting!
    Once again, have you tried adapting? Have you tried to figure out new strats? Because I’ve heard people say that they make even more money nowadays, plus get more kills and have more fun. So, I have to wonder how much the problem is with the system, and how much it is with people who don’t know how to adapt and/or the lazy people who are mad that they can’t make the same money while putting in minimum effort.

  • Resource scarcity!
    CCP had to deal with unsustainable economic activity, and many players were asking CCP to deal with capital proliferation. I know that no one likes nerfs, but it’s absolutely amazing to me how many self-centered players can’t stop focusing on how a change affects them, to look at how it impacts the health of the game as a whole. Wow, I sound like a broken record.

In summation, can I have your stuff?
No P2W


I can see that all you do is make presumptions and formulate opinions not based in actual experience and just wanting to defend the game, I get that but it gets old.

First two things, you do realize those “depreceated strats” as you say are the reason many of us started this game and made investments into. How hard is that to explain, many of us literally played the game for the content that was removed. Simple.

Third, CCP has only been helped by a pandemic and an in game war, without these this game would be passed out on the street done.

Gambling, well I dont mind some loot boxes but when you introduce gambling in a game, its in poor taste as many people have gambling issues. This is a real problem for people and its not designed to be addictive or exploitive, seriously? read what you wrote again, of course it is.

Four, well at least we agree on something.

Five, have you ever tried not being a game simp? Seriously dude it gets old, its not fun as their is little to counter it.

Six, guess we agree on another thing, amazing.

Seven and Eight ? No response at attempt?

Nine, adapting to what? spending more and more time to get less and less? that sounds like fun to you? doesnt to me. You know whats worth more? my time!

Ten, CCP created the economic problems, the economy in game was doing just fine. And yeah you sound like a broken record that makes no sense!

Really dude do you even play the game? If so do you actually try to do anything? be a part of anything? I’m guessing not.


Though I may understand and even sympathize with the general topic of your thread, I definitely don’t agree with your ultimatum choice. Now I don’t want to make a comparison but for showing so much outrage, you’re still a youngster compared to Veteran players.

I’ve been a loyal subbed customer for over 13 years. During that time I’ve bought numerous amounts of PLEX and game packs and in the future, I’ll still continue to buy those as well as keep this character subbed. In fact, I have no idea how much I’ve spent over the years and quite frankly, I don’t care. What I do know is it brings me enjoyment and that’s all that matters.

Now about the different ships and fitting doctrines / modules that have basically been mothballed due to various game mechanic changes over the years, I view it as a pendulum that has swung away and will eventually come back. When it does, I’ll be up front of it due to already having the ships and fits sitting in my inventory ready for action.

As for skills, I currently have well over 250 mil SP’s and will stay subbed so I can continue Omega skill training. Doesn’t matter if I’m not using those skills, what matters is that I’ll be prepared when the time comes for needing those skills. I’d much rather be ready and able to quickly accomplish my goal then have to wait for skill training to complete.

Speaking of skill training, I have over 250 mill SP’s, have never bought any Injectors / extractors simply because the ratio of SP’s received is very low for highly skilled characters. Course if you want to do that then best know it’s just a shortcut choice which may or may not pay off. Same goes for the SP packs sold on Eve’s website. Now I have bought those as well as take advantage of every free SP reward option available. However in the end it doesn’t matter how those skill points were obtained, just know that the investment is not a waste of time or money. Like I said above, when the need arises it’s better to be ready and able to do the task at hand instead of having that opportunity pass by due to waiting on skills.

Over the years I’ve had plenty of career choices end up getting nerfed to the point that it was no longer a viable option. Just like ships and fitting doctrines / modules, the game mechanic pendulum will eventually swing back to favor them.

Anyway over time, playing this game may become stressful, it’s quite alright to take a break from it, clear your thoughts and come back with a new focus / direction. Now I admit I’m not happy with multiple changes in the game, both past and present. I’ve also taken a few months breaks here and there to get a new perspective / direction for the game.

Bottom line, I’m still here, subbed, training skills, buying packs and with my in-game assets, ready and able to meet most any challenge Eve may throw at me. I don’t view my in-game time as having to make a set amount of ISK, I view it as having to make a set amount of enjoyment and if I make ISK along the way, then that’s even better. When my time in-game stops being fun, I take a break, re-evaluate my in-game activity and once a new plan of action is determined, I jump back in with conviction and determination to complete that plan as best as I can.

That’s what keeps me playing Eve…


I am not an authority on the Hypernet, but I think you need to step back and rethink the idea that age alone determines if groups are vulnerable or not.

This has been hard for me get sometimes as I can’t say I was ever vulnerable to anything since probably age 11. I had people smoking, drinking and doing hard drugs around me since even before then, but I only started drinking at about age 13 and not to excess until maybe 15 and even then, not a lot. Everything else I have not even bothered with despite friends cajoling me “try some”.

Gambling I never could understand because it is so obviously all weighted in favor of “the house”. But there are people of all ages who just can’t stop, and I have seen lives wrecked over it.

Not to say it should be ended, or that gambling in EVE is a huge serious problem. But the idea that age alone makes a person immune or something is dead out of the gate.


What content was removed? Resource Wars? Invasions? Well, resource wars sucked and no one did that. And I’m not sure how you feel wronged that a temporary event didn’t run for ever. So, you need to enlighten me on this one, because you seem to be being hyperbolic to me.

Yeah, we certainly have some different values and opinions because I’m fine with hypernet, but adamantly opposed to loot boxes.

This is such a weak and tired argument. I do blame CCP for the mistakes, and will give them ■■■■ when I think they are in the wrong. But if I’m not a bitter vet putting a negative spin on everything, I get accused of being a shill, simp, or a dev alt.

Yeah, so the truth is is that, many people, myself included, are making more money in resource scarcity than they did before (in fact, I have made more money during resource scarcity than I did in my previous 5 or so years combined). Now, if you don’t want to chase new strats and opportunities, say so. Own it. Own it instead of hiding behind bad faith arguments. I actually have plenty of sympathy for newbros who feel like they just got the rug yanked out from under them right after finding their footing. And, I can understand how many players (especially casuals and the risk adverse) have their little grooves, and don’t particularly feel like having everything shook up on them. But the people who are saying that you can’t adapt, or that they are tired of adapting are full of ■■■■. They either didn’t actually try adapting, or they don’t know what the hell they are doing and should ask for help.

Moreover, and this is critical, CCP has to do what is good for the game as whole, and not just you. Now, to be fair, I do believe that CCP some times gives the shaft to certain play styles. However, it is quite clear to me, than many players complain that they got the shaft, when they’re really just being selfish, and more concerned with having a little adversity sent their way than they are with the health of the game as a whole. And if you don’t want adversity in your video game, you should go play WoW or something, and leave Eve to the big boys.

Yes, CCP is at fault for making the economic problems. Feel free to blame them for that. However, they are not at fault for trying to fix them. They needed to do that. It sucks, but it is better for the game in the long run.

You wonder how I can have such dramatically different opinions on things? Well, it’s not because I don’t play the game, it’s because of my attitude and perspective. I was turning into a bitter vet a few years back, and made an outrage video. I was pissed, but I was not trying to sabotage the game. So I felt like an asshole when a bunch of people told me that they were quitting because of my video. It made me begin to question my attitudes and beliefs. And this would continue as I saw other players and content creators develop new strats to take advantage of changes. I thought to myself, I could have thought of that. I know enough about the game, and am smart enough. But I didn’t. I didn’t think of that because I was too busy being angry, instead of asking myself how I can take advantage of changes. So, that’s what I started doing. Admittedly, I have not found a way to take advantage of every change, but I have indeed profited greatly from this attitude. Moreover, I have found that I stopped getting angry at changes at some point, and instead view them as opportunity. I no longer get pissed at nerfs, but try to consider how the impact the game as a whole, and ask myself, “whats next?” New strat, or look for another opportunity altogether?" Because of this attitude, I have grown as a player and have a hell of a lot more fun. And I can’t recommend enough that other players try doing the same.

Or, you know, you could keep focusing on the negative, and be an evolutionary holdout that grows more and more bitter as your deprecated strats give you less and less reward for you time. Whatever works best for you. What I can tell you however, is that if you want a pity party, you should look elsewhere. Might have better luck with reddit.
No P2W


No, I get that. I just wasn’t sure what other argument people would make other than to say that it was targeting kids by virtue of being in a video game. So, that’s why addressed that one specifically.

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no wonder that they are already working on 2.0, probably everyone wants to forget about how bad 1.0 was as soon as possible

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It seems like you like chatting mote than playing a Videogame. Maybe you should try a IRC or Discord there you can chat. When i came back to eve i lost around 10B ISK in clones that were stored in Citadels, who cares? These changes were needed, and you know it.


No and no. it’s easy to postulate things. Those ‘facts’ are usually used to obscure a hidden agenda.


Oh we should just have kept going, pumping out huge quantitys of minerals and trillions of bountys.

HAHA ISK is just an number, ISK printer go BRRRRR. These changes made my playtime worth something (Thank you CCP). The ISK I make per month do not come thru NPC bountys or “bot-like” nullsec mining.

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Textbook example of the Star Wars Galaxies Jedi syndrome.

When SOE decided to throw years of players work and dedication down the drain and offer up Jedi as a readymade class from the get-go, a move also viewed by developers to save the game from stagnation at the time.

Result ? Mass exodus, server shutdowns, etc …


Right, now the ISK comes from largely to almost risk free activities that are hard to impossible to interfere with. Moreover, a whole lot fewer characters generate comparable ISK influx. Sure, the ISK printer doesn’t go Brrr anymore. You are a funny guy. :joy:

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You’re unhappy because CCP nerfed your pixels? You should’ve known that it’s their game and that they can do anything they want and that there’s nothing you can do about it except cry and moan.
Woe the day gaming became a billion-dollar industry. Woe the day Entertainment became a for-profit endeavor.
You should not have put your faith in a business that sells pixels.
You should not have spent on more than your Omega time for a game because the motto of all businesses is: when money talks, BS walks.
I don’t know how old you were when you started the game. If you were a teenager then your parents should have been there to steer you the right direction as far as the internet and gaming are concerned and if you weren’t a teenager when you spent all that money on a game then all you can do now is kick yourself in the butt and learn from your mistakes.
Are you going to go to another game now and start spending as much money as you spent on EVE or have you learned your lesson?
There are priorities in life, we’re all supposed to know that and an online game should’ve been near last on your list.

All these people rage-quitting because they over-invested in an activity dictated and controlled by a business leave me perplexed. I read these “lost faith in CCP” threads and I ask myself who are these people?, How were they raised? What kind of parents produce such blind and unwise consumers?
Thankfully, I will not be bothered to understand any of it because I certainly do not give a rat’s arse.
My F-Given box has been empty for a long time.

So anyways… Can I have your stuff??