Open Letter to CCP reloaded

Hello CCP, hello EVE players,

maybe I somehow slept through the trend, or maybe I’m just not intelligent enough, but would like to point out something that maybe change the view of the game.

Sure, Eve online is cruel but fair. When exactly does that apply ? What about all the players who have invested years into this game because the difficulty is appropriately high compared to other games.

When I think back and remember, EVE opened my eyes back then, whether it was in terms of how I handled my life, how I learned new skills through play, and letting myself get carried away by the hype.

Eve is still a great game, but I’m 45 now, so maybe I’m not young enough to be able to pull out trees, as we say in Germany. But maybe too old to go along with all these changes.

I once had a credo where I said, if I’m going to die, at least I want to be able to look back and say yes, it was worth it.

Whatever decisions I made at the time always prompted me to send CCP a letter with suggested changes, a bigger vision. I would have been far from ever imagining the impact of what that letter triggered.

Sure, change is good. I also find the current industry development interesting, for example, for the “newbies” who get into the game and say. WTF ? This is a game ?

Maybe I’m just too old to understand the prevailing gold rush mood in IT field at that time. But at the moment that takes, in my eyes, although scientifically and technologically seen, dimensions that are perhaps well thought out, which also make sense. The developers of CCP also face a challenge.

But the current industry development, so is my humble opinion, is a punch in the face for all those - who have made work - e.g. have created tools and spreadsheets to have an advantage over the other player.

But this is a arms race CCP. Sorry if I say it this way, you have now brought to a point where very few, perhaps useful to YOU, if they are want to accept this challenge.

Of course, I gladly accept the challenge to test myself to what extent I am resilient and creative enough to follow your steps.

But the whole takes dimensions in which I can not and will not follow you.

Not in terms of taking a few euros in hand to support you.

But we are humans, not machines.

If I now, cough see how you have built a 3-dimensional array just to “reinvent” the production, this may be a challenge for one or the other software developer - who likes to play reverse engineering.

But even if I should have my diploma in computer science someday, and unfortunately didn’t make it to a PhD or even a professor, I find this - I repeat it again “arms race” completely overkill.

We are on a small planet here. Not even the biggest, but not the smallest either. We are mortal. We have something out there right now that we might want to fade out.

Not because we don’t want to face the problems. But maybe because we need to rest. Memories fade, knowledge may remain, but man stands on a sandy beach of knowledge, with a handful of sand, in his hand - which is in fact his life’s work, and only at the end realize that it has brought nothing to spend so much time, to hold this piece of sand in his hand, only to realize that the mountain of knowledge simply can not be climbed.

Sure, you can go here, and say, I will build a truck and transport the sand away, or maybe a ship, with which you can move entire sand banks.

Nevertheless, even the whole sand of the world, is only a part of the whole and only a part of some bigger solution.

In general, it seems to be fashionable to make someone look “bad”. To prove that one is better.

But I speak here the EVE players from the heart, I think. We are not bad as we are, we are not worse than you there “above”.

And even if you hold up the mirror to us and show what we have not achieved. Where we could have been, whoever we could be.

It’s just a game.

I may not have won the game. I may not have won life either, because if I had, I would be “Immortal”.

But I have won one thing. In experience, learning through pain. And the collective striving of the EVE players.

The Thing i want to express is following. EVE Players maybe are more sci-fi orientated and self-motivated to improve their behaviour in and out of the game.

But how high you as developer of this here, you wanna set this goal ? Is there a goal ? I dont think so. I dont see any “Good-Game” Progress right now.

I am for sure, maybe just a little voice. Not the loudest, or the one with the most impact.

But every Single player has an impact in the game.

And if this, as i said and repeat it again. IS going to be a War game - an Arms-Race between Players and you as Developer, then you maybe misunderstood the relationship between Provider and Customer.

I do not say, revert all the changes you did. I just say, deliver the Tools, that we as Player, can achieve strategies, to get some “Simulation of War” get solved - or evolved, or whatever…

But shouldering all this “damn, i dont know how much a Charon cost at the current Situation”, to the EVE Player, while you are going to play “God” meanwhile. Maybe give you as Developer some Kind of Respect, showing us your skills. And of course it could be right, which is it isnt, to give the “Dedicated”, or “IQ above 180+” Players some playground to play.

But for me as normal human, so i describe myself. This is just ridiculous what you are currently doing.

If you want to keep this state at it is right now. Deliver the Tools, like a Individual market Calculator for Calculating the price, so accurat as possible for the individual Player, on any kind of station.

You as Developer may be looking for some talents doing that “hobbywise” to increase their chances at this “Arms-Race” (again).

But the one who benefits is you. CCP. YOU as Company alone. Not the players. Not the paying Customers. Not the People who love this game.

I dont know where all the hate to the gamers is coming from. I dont know, whats was your thoughts, as you swallowed the bait, regarding my letter in 2008.

In that time, my son was born, and i want to share a gift with him, some story, i could share with the universe, share with you ccp, and share with all the players out there.

But the current direction CCP. I mean. is there not enough war out there ? Was it all worth it ? Is that, what yourself calling “Salt mining”, so needed to express yourself - as what ? Lord Imperator Hilmar ?

Yes we all die here, sooner or erlier. But from my point of view. This is a war. Not a war against the player. its a war against Life. Following the path of hate. Hate because things do not work as intended.

All the disappointments in life, we had.

Concentrate on hope, Love. CCP Show us the version, you originally planned for us. A game, with a vision, With tools, a fully completly solutions, maybe a hamsterwheel, but a thing, we are wasting, and yes you know, how much time we waste in here, not doing other stuff.

You have Responsiblity CCP. And this is what i point out to you.

Deliver the Tools, Deliver the game we all loved over the years. And come down from your high horse and talk to the players. Communication is the key. This is what i did now.

Thanks for reading and listening.

Prospektor Schipplock


Can I have your stuff?


Join da Corp and you can fly with us, yeah sharing stuff :slight_smile:


YES, I enjoyed reading that. Thank you so much!

Okay, I read 10 paragraphs in, and I’m still not exactly sure what your criticisms are. Remember how to write papers from high school and college? Put your thesis up front, then elaborate, and then provide a conclusion. Get everyone one the same page before you start elaborating. After all, what good is supporting evidence when readers don’t even know what it is exactly that you’re trying to convince them of?

Anyway, try again, or give me a TLDR. I’ll happily read through a wall of text, but not if it’s poorly constructed (or has terrible grammar/spelling that makes it hard to read).
No P2W


tl;dr The OP is not immortal.

(Also, Eve’s new challenges are not as meaningful and empowering as the old ones.)

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You’re welcome.
Sounds like you just need to uninstall, get over it and forget you ever played this game. In time, you will see it’s not as important as you think it is now.

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I already miss it, and I’m still playing.

I will try to provide a TL;DR:

  • industry changes suck , specially for the new players, too much extra work added;
  • too many fast paced changes overall , players don’t have flexibility to adapt, game became too hard;
  • there is a war between CCP and the players;
  • CCP killed the game.

And - the game is still losing more and more players every day… RIP

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violence is the only way…

It’s not the only way but certainly the most effective.

only time will tell…

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The battle of Eve’s soul is between those that have a genuine love for the game and those who call themselves “Forcy FunTimes MeatWater” (with underscores).

Good luck.

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I declare Forcy the winner.

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There is just too much time sorting stuff, figuring out what is needed for what, watching how much it costs, mining, going after blueprints, going after stuff, after LP, all the logistics. Align times, warp times, etc. Less players playing as effect, so ITS SUCKING PRECIOUS TIME more from those that are left, straining them too much! All those people will have less time to have fun in fleet for example.

Its just too big for what it does. Like a program with many windows with many options and the end result is basically just to print hello world in different fonts.

CCP needs to improve overall “time to battleship” in industry, in the preparation phase. Lets say it is produced longer, with less engaging preparing. I dont think CCP is able to make in game UI that would allow to see the whole tech tree of the one battleship, but that is needed.

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That is the game for some people.

If you don’t enjoy that then make something simpler or support yourself some other way.

Only the amount of those people is becoming smaller each day. The result will be probably CCP selling ships for $. 5x battleships, -30%, buy now.

Yah…that was the point.

So either make medium ships, which works much like it has in the past. Or small ships, which is easier than it was before.

And whats the point of that point?

I hope its not to make more microtransactions and less people playing.