Open Letter to CCP

Hello CCP,

Many may not understand what the intention of this letter is. But I think it’s time to throw a little flame over the community.

To all who are out there and think they should generate so much ISK ingame that they can have it all for free - what do you think ?

do you get in the RL also everything in the sorry if I say it so “ass” pushed ? And don’t come to me and say, CCP earns enough money.

I am a software developer and know how much money people demand for it alone, e.g. a license for 3ds studio max costs several thousand euro per year for 1 workstation license.

And that means only one “tool”, what you use in EVE.

And since in contrast to the private user CCP has to stick to rules, because otherwise you’ll have to go to court very quickly, you just have to add up how much a company needs to be effective.

And right now I don’t see that most of the time, I’m not talking about the players who have and pay an ABO, but about players who think they can fiddle through every corner of life just to save some ridiculous Euros/Dollars, which they then let out for some other ■■■■, instead of what seems important to them.

I wrote a 45 page letter to CCP in 2007-2008 out of love for the game, with suggestions for improvements (including the Skillinjector idea came from me) - but I’m not the only one who put forward his ideas.

I see here so many players, who somehow can’t calculate correctly, because just concerning the number of players, there would have to be at least 50k players online every day and to pay with hard currency, which - what you want is really realizable. Instead, they’re looking at how you can make the most ingame money where, because everyone thinks that’s the non-plus ultra money to have, because a number is the measure of all things, because without (compared to) a thick number with a lot of zeroes on it, you’re nothing in life.

But I see with how much love CCP spends on this game, and I also see that CCP is really hard at what it does. Spending theirself, etc…

If you all think that CCP can afford to share the love of detail - the fascinating masterpiece - with you and provide it for free, then I don’t know what’s going on with the players out there who have to have 40 accounts but haven’t invested a single Euro/(insert currency here).

If you close your eyes and see only shadows from EVE, is that what you want?

I’m sorry, but I have to take a stand for CCP, I’m saying what CCP didn’t dare, because it’s the provider.

But I think together we should light the light of hope and keep it all alive.

I can’t play any more, I’m totally broke, I’ve buttered in everything I could.

Hold on to what is dear to you, take care of those who are important to you. Think of the community.

And above all do not hate. If the servers go offline, and it looks like it will soon, then don’t scream, and ask why CCP could you do only

Ask, why couldn’t we, as players, do anything about it?

I’m not saying it’s the end, because EVE will live on in the long run, but there will be a wave of what will happen before 1 January 2020.

Yours sincerely

a concerned EVE player

P.S. Still have a nice christmas fest.

P.P.S. Thanks to the community, who supported that game so much.

CCP o7 a lot of Success out there !

im not really sure what this thread is about but it sounds like one of those threads where i gotta explain plex costs money
am i on the right track


I was also scratching my head trying to figure out what the OP is attempting to say. All I really got from it was “more people should pay CCP for subs to play EVE because EVE is awesome and CCP is wonderful”.

Yes, Plex cost money, and anybody Plexing their account is still making sure that CCP is getting paid.

No, EVE isn’t awesome, and CCP isn’t wonderful, and people shouldn’t buy subs to gain the privilege to play a poorly designed game which has been heading downhill for almost 10 years now.

If EVE actually was awesome, then people wouldn’t be abandoning it in large numbers even after they made it free. If CCP was wonderful, they wouldn’t be flailing around offering buggy code, and poorly designed additions to the game that only drive even more people away.

OP, it is nice that you are dedicated to EVE and CCP and want to see things get better. Unfortunately, they won’t get better by believing in fairy tales. If CCP doesn’t change the way they run EVE, then EVE will continue to decline, it’s as simple as that.

This is not an issue of “players just need to pay them more”. This is an issue of “they need to stop pretending they know what they’re doing and start taking game design seriously”.


I stopped reading after


this is the hate i meant… thanks for not reading it correctly

Would you think that entire unintelligible rant a good use of your time ?

Skill Injectors were a terrible idea so you clearly should have kept your mouth shut then.

I have benefited from both alpha and omega skill injectors so no problem there, the rant tho was a bit ramblin, it was a bit hard to understand the point, but I will try to explain why.

If I understand you, you wanted to flame the community because you’ve seen a lot of CCP bashing and also see that the community is very resistant to change and do bash over that and want to see more dynamic changes to the game and the hard work and expenses CCP has.

The community is stagnated because you got the puritanical element that wants things as they are a personal “top dog” environment they enjoy and changes would disrupt the only thing they have on their mantel in RL.

I don’t know, did I kinda get it


A 45 page letter…

Based on this forum post I doubt they got through the 1st page.


That’s entirely on you, your post rambles all over the place and is pretty vague.


You all reading it incorrectly. First of all, you have to be inside CCP office, sitting in a very relaxed pose, with donut in one hand and mug full of favourite beverage in other.

CCP Burger ? Time for disconnect ?

CCP will not get any money from me in the foreseeable future. They did for over a decade, but they currently don’t delivere a product I’m willing to pay money for. “Your” skill injector idea played a heavy role in that.

Ok, so my idea, is the reason, why you not support a game you like (love) ? So what comes next, you want to kill me, because the game is not that, you want to have ?

So in the end - if you play chess (you are going to kill the other on the other side of the board), because - what ? He does it not right ?

Isnt gaming about, playing together, have fun together ? And you say to me, because i had the idea with a skill injector, you are not supporting the game anymore ? Is that the reason ?

have you reflected about that idea ?

Or is the reason, because you are addicted ? Not happy in your life, try to flee out in “outer space”, which is harsh and cold, so you get your role, you want to be into ?

Try to achieve, what no one else achieves, because, you are not proud on your self ?

You see, i am asking here several questions, try to help you to figure out, where all the hate is coming from…

Isn’t the meaning of helping, especially if you cant help, the meaning of it ? If you are going to die, you better prefer dying alone, or do you want somebody to have nearby your side, you can talk to ?

Is Hate the solution you choose ?


Attachment leads to misery. Just enjoy the game the way you do while it lasts.


thats the spirit !

You are a bit over thinking this. I don’t care whose idea it was. In my opinion CCP overmonetizes the game while doing a really bad job fixing important things. It is that simple. I no longer think this product is worth my money and I will simply spend it elsewhere.


Same here all my accounts are cancelled,dont see enough reasons to continue with payments,plexing and or alpha is an option but not for me.

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Karak, its your money. its your decision what you do with that. Do you understand ?

Its going to be christmas, and i try to achieve, that good vibes flowing around, and not bad ones, you know ?

For example, would you buy a BMW, if you know, you wont get any support there, because BMW going bancrupt the next 2 years ? If you dont know something for example, you better do not want to know it, right ?

And thrust me, fixing somthing in a complex system, like all the computer applications are (and this is not only hammering with a hammer around) fragile. And Violence on that fragile system is not that you want to have. There is a reason why we say “never touch a running system”, because of its fragility. And CCP is working on a open heart you know ?

Thanks to you, for all having the time, spend with CCP. I am sorry, that not everything is going to be that, you want to have it to.

But enjoy the future !