Open Letter to CCP from a Bitter ol' Vet

Hey there CCP,

It’s been a while. I haven’t been able to really log in those past two years. RL can be a bit of a handful once you’re neck-deep in your 30’s. But I always made sure to log in and have a quick look at the new features and Events and keep my client up to date. I couldn’t maintain a sub with RL because I wasn’t active at all and maintaining the Sub with plex would drain my ISK fast and I wasn’t doing anything to replace those funds.

With the whole lockdown thing, I had found time to do some gaming and got dragged into a project called Star Citizen. Yeah, the guys who “borrowed” the Venture design. It’s a beautiful tech demo and a beautiful work of art. Basically the work of art EVE became after Trinity. But that’s where the positive experience ended. Everything else has a horrible after taste. The sheer capital the team behind this tech demo has amassed and the little they have to show for it is beyond belief.

As I was fighting today with some of their weird bugs, it dawned on me… I was looking for that EVE 2004 - 2009 experience. But it was in the wrong place. Back in 03’ when you asked us to test EVE out with you, it was one hell of a ride. An unforgettable experience. Cloud Imperium Games is not Crowd Control Productions, and I doubt they will ever reach your success.

BUT boy oh boy have they made that free money!! Half a Bill in the bank (or wasted) and not even a working beta… Let alone a stable Roadmap.
To think of what EVE could have been if you guys had Half a bill to develop it.

I’m coming back… I would rather spend my lockdown with you guys than over there.

Thank you for the Decade and a Half CCP.


um, ok welcome back, i suppose.

can i have your star citizen stuff?


I wish I could…
But that hasn’t even been implemented yet after 5 years of Dev.

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Star Citizen is a ponzi scheme.


Great to see a positive thread for a change. :smile:
Welcome back


Good to be back!!
And happy I could contribute to a bit of positivity. I know the DDoS attack was a bit rough. The one before was a pain as well.

Selling my carrier for my first 30 days. will be jumping around trying out everything I missed.

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You can try scamming people with the hypernet instead of using the market. You might make a bit more money that way.

Don’t be ridiculous. A Ponzi scheme actually pretends you’ll get your money back.


CIG has been consistent that players won’t need more than a basic game package, all ships will be available via in-game actions once they turn off alpha credits. That will be the clearest sign that they’ve ‘gone live.’

But EVE is now, and trying hard for ‘forever’ - so welcome back :slight_smile:

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This is so fitting lol

Wrlcome back!

Star Citizen will still be nothing more than a tech demo 37 years from now after they have crowd-funded it to the GDP of a small country…


Their IRL conference room will be real nice, though.

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