An Open Letter to CCP and Eve Online

Dear CCP and fellow Capsuleers,

This may be LONG overdue but, in my defense, I have been away for a little while. I have only recently come to realize what an insane group of people you all must be to deal with the Eve Online player base for any amount of time and not have suicide nets ringing every floor of your building, much less come back for more time after soul-crushing time.

That fact that you all manage to try to keep pushing the game forward, in any and every capacity, as well as actually INVOLVING the player base in any possible way, is utterly astonishing. When 99.5% of all new ideas or discussions for new ideas to improve or add to the game are overwhelmingly met with chimp-esque screams of “BUT MUH METUH” and/or “REEEEE! Change?! I DON’T LIKE CHANGE. Change scares me!” I can only imagine that your brainstorming meetings for new ideas and features are fully stocked with party bowls full of Zanax and coolers filled with over-caffeinated energy drinks.

One of the biggest problems with the Eve player base is the overwhelming unwillingness, or flat-out inability to converse and communicate about new ideas in a constructive and forward-thinking matter. We all want to be heard - namely, our complaints and frustrations - but very VERY few actually want to contribute to discussions in any meaningful way. We are all quick to shoot down a new idea or conversation starter as stupid and call the author “retarded” and start questioning the genetic relationship of their father and mother, whether in an attempt to seem edgy and funny in order to gain up-votes, or to compensate for our own inability to be creative and inventive. If an idea is bad, or flawed, or simply not 100% thought out, it’s perfectly fine to point that out, but do so with the goal to either (respectfully) educate the ignorant, work around a problem, or iron out the finer details that are necessary to make an otherwise decent idea work in a way that bring meaningful content and interaction to the game, therefore benefiting the player base.

On the other hand, if you give voice to an idea that is, well and truly bad, just own and learn from it. Believe me, I’ve had plenty. Simply try to understand how and why it is flawed and how it can be improved upon, if possible.

We, the Eve Community, are also astonishingly lazy for a group that religiously plays a games that requires so much time and effort that it occasionally rivals even the most demanding jobs. A vast majority of complex ideas simply cannot be compressed into a single paragraph, or two, resulting in far too many people simply disregarding meaningful discussions with an emotionless, “TL;DR.” How can you so self-righteously point out that an idea is lacking too many finer points when you’re admittedly too lazy to take the time to actually read those points in the first place?

When the age of the average gamer is somewhere in the mid-20s to 30s, and getting older, it is unfathomable to think that we are incapable of conversing and discussing new ideas like - wait for it… Adults. By shooting down ideas and refusing to add something meaningful to the conversation we do nothing to benefit ourselves as consumers or the game as a product and art form. Instead, we serve to only stifle creativity and innovation and doom ourselves (and the game) to an endless feedback-loop of negativity and stagnation. If your response to a new idea is riddled with ad hominems and provides little to nothing constructive toward the argument, you will do more good for the game to simply stay silent.

So, to the Devs and other members of CCP who so relentlessly come to the community with new ideas for discussion, only to be met with endless strings of abuse and take it all in stride with a, “Thank you, daddy, may I have some more?” mentality is truly quite admirable. We will not always agree with your ideas for new features and changes, some of them may truly be bad, but we cannot fault you for always trying to move the game, and our experience, forward. For that, We all owe you a very sincere “THANK YOU.”

And, lastly, to the community, this game depends upon us and our ability to communicate with one another. We all do it rather well in the greater political landscape of the game, so it should stand to reason that we can make it happen outside of it. In the end, if Eve dies, it will be because We killed it.

Thank you

**Commence Toxicity…


How about this idea: I think you should be banned, if you don’t like my idea then obviously you’re one of those people who despise change.
The majority dictate change, if most people want this change or dislike your idea or whatever, that’s simply how things are. Like it or not, your ideas are judged by others and not yourself.

If this was true, we probably never would see all these balance patches. The orthrus got nerfed a while back because a large portion of the playerbase and CCP believed it was too powerful. ECM got nerfed because a large portion of the playerbase don’t like it, and even though i used to love the griffin navy it makes sense that CCP would cater to the majority.

When you write up a resume, i guarantee you that if it’s longer than 2 pages you’re not getting that job. Most good resumes are within a single page, especially if you’re applying for big companies. Nobody wants to read through every single idea, especially with the prevalence of bad ideas.

You’re essentially telling people not to provide criticism, yeah if you ignore all the flaws in an idea i guess every idea is good.

What I’m getting is at is that even if you believe your idea or someone else’s idea is good, it doesn’t matter. As long as the majority of the playerbase believes that idea is bad, it will never be implemented because CCP caters to the majority not the minority.

Beeing right and simply pushed back by a toxic community and still standing tall behind your opinions after all this is something you can war as a medal…

I do it…

The problem here is that (I) cannot take people serious that answer me with “The game should rather die than change a bit” and things like that so i take it even less serious because there IS no “conversation” or “discussion” possible with people that react like that to the slightest change suggestion…

At first in my premiere posts i tried to start something like an adult conversation but shortly after it i gave it up and just played the “big provocateur” role on the forum…not my first choice but it worked after all.

You HAVE to play the troll rule here to get another than the standard reaction like “no,go away” or “eve is not for you”.

If you can stand all the taunting,the insults and suggestions like “go play WOW” THEN you will get a reaction…well kind of…they hate you for not easily beeing scared away,but this is more honest then EVERYTHING you get the first 100 posts…

Nobody likes a suckup, OP. Not even who that suckup is trying to suck up to, really.

TL;WIHR (wish I hadn’t read)


Because reality hurts and you do not like the picture in the mirrow?

I hate open letters.

They’re verbal masturbation writ large.

This is all you have to say about it?

WOW and some people wonder why this community is called “toxic”…

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This is no community.

You know…you and I have actually agreed on a couple things regarding perceived game reality and possible direction but I see you have gone full tilting-at-windmills. You say yourself you purposely provoke yet you claim some sort of self-awarded superiority? Your “medal” you wear with such pride is really a rusted bottlecap.

Oh, and GBTW

My medal shines brighter than the common sense of some people here whose own windmills are to keep the status of 2003 that was already outdated 2008…NOW its 2019 and those people still sing the "eve is good at it is " mantra while people are leaving.

But all this reality does not hinder them in fighting the “not change MY game” holy war,regardless if it makes sense in 2019 or not…

always this we bullshite, you speak for yourself.

i think you’ll find gamers these days are more like early teens to late 50’s, it’s a shame you feel you’ve never made contact with others in game that act like adults, you’ve a pretty negative outlook on us all when you dare us WE

this i do agree with, but i would also ask the same of those that post bullshite ideas do the same and not post the stupid idea in the first place, only fair i think.

nope, CCP/PA will when they are ready, pull the plug, they and only they will kill it.

or perhaps goons, grrrrrrr goons and all that :slight_smile:

Frankly, using a lot of hyperbole and characterizations like “REEEEE! Change?! I DON’T LIKE CHANGE. Change scares me!”, at the start of a wall of text tends to ensure it won’t get read.

Ending it with “**Commence Toxicity…” is a quick way of saying you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

I’ve played a large number of MMOs over the last 15+ years. I can fairly safely assure you that forums are not the place where game change is discussed, evaluated and green-lighted for development.

The majority of forumites have too little actual experience at game design, feature balancing, or community management. (Sadly, many devs have the same issues.) The quality-vs-trash ratio in the typical forum is too high for developers to give it much credit.

I engage in forums myself, because you never know when an idea is going to catch the eye of someone who has the ear of a dev or CSM or whatever. For the most part though, forums are for communication with other players, not for trying to get devs to buy in to whatever notion someone has decided will be good for the game.

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I can only imagine what it might be like for a CCP employee after new release date. “Oh yeah, we got it done-- and on time! Let’s get out of here and get some beers. The next waves of complaints be damned, we’ll deal with that tomorrow!”

Welcome to Online Gaming.

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Hear, hear.

No, you don’t understand the problem. The issue is that you believe your opinion actually matters in this vast sea of opinions. Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t. Even if a portion of people believe that your idea is good, it doesn’t matter as long as more people dislike it. You can’t state that you have more common sense if the majority disagrees with you. The common people are the majority.

Everyone who disagree with you and vehemently point the void in you arguments is branded toxic. But we love you Balos.

I feel your pain… but you need to understand one thing… CCP is not for players, players are for CCP… They are delighted because they can control and manipulate crowd, and using crowd to control and manipulate single persons… community is full of criminals, deviants and other mothefuckers because then it is more “dangerously”, “darker” and for them more interesting…off course they share them power, thats why there is that fuckin ladder full of agents, genarals, lords, high-secs assholes and many others… they give us stories and they are laughing watching how everyone try to be smarter, more intelligent etc and stupid people fight each other to be more “powerful”… everyone hides behind the lies, mechanics, codes and other bullshits… this is not a game this is reality-show they try to call another Game of Throne… ■■■■ it…this game is not for me, that why I moved out from island, feel so good with that and play MY EVE

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All veteran players dont like their shedules changed. Also dont like nerfs. They want bugs fixed tho. Some UI improvements, like customizations, more clear and easier to operate windows, also resizable.

EVE is played primarily by people who play long, so veterans. CCP should know that.

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Even if a majotity dislikes you you still can be right…THIS is what "the majority(aka CSM aka “we as the big alliances/corps only vote OUR menbers into csm to assure that ONLY OUR voice is heard and ONLY OUR wishes will be fulfilled” is not willing to understand…

“The majority” does not matter in a sitaution in that it is as clear as glass that a “straight on like the last 15 years” will kill the game…

People are leaving and no shiny monthly economic report is able to cover this…

So it is about time CCP hears the voices of people with an actual common sense and not those of people who have their own pity interests and obviously don’t really care about “the game” as long as “their game” is not affected…