Open Letter to CCP

Dear CCP

I know you’ll never read this post but it makes me feel good to post it anyway.

I love your game. I enjoy myself everyday buying modules and ships and trying out different ways to fit them, figuring out what skill I need now vs skills I’ll need later, much later or never.
I like all the tidbits of info you’ve included for each item in the game, well done. All the items feel like they really exist, although I’m aware that they’re just parts of files in the folders on my PC.
The community is great and very funny. I had no idea that so many people needed to go on a game to feel better about their failed lives and their superiority complex but the few nice players I met in-game make up for the lack of civility in the forum. It is what it is, as Obama so intelligently uttered.
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for playing for free as I think EVE is worth all the 15€ a month I’d put into it so I could do PI, fly the cool ships and all the other cool stuff I’m missing out on but since I understand that your game is going through a difficult transition for lord knows how long, I prefer to enjoy my time on EVE while I learn the ins and outs of your game as an Alpha until all the changes you’re making translate into more fun instead of frustration. It could be in a year or ten years but no matter. When that happens I’ll make an “Open Letter” as an Omega player… I’m in no hurry though so take all the time you like to transform your game into something you’re happy with.
I would like to particularly give a shout out to all the artirts who brought EVE to life and to all the artists who participated in the concept artworks. Very well done indeed!
Finally, I would like to thank all the posters on this here forum who know how to debate each other with posts that do not belittle or debase others only to satisfy their lack of self esteem and inability to perform.

With respect,


Hi! I like toast. Do you like toast, too?

“lack of civility”?!? The forums are a model of civility!


That depends.
I don’t like toasts where someone raises his glass and babbles a bunch of feel-good nonesense. I’m on my phone when that happens.
I do like rye toasts with butter or cheese and a glass a wine to wash it down with.


Joking aside. There are many respectful posters on these forum. I like to concentrate on the positive. Concentrating on the negative gets me to whine and bitch which I don’t like to engage in. I leave the whining to the entitled and the deluded.

Does OP need a safe space where his bad ideas won’t be challenged?

I already have my “safe space”, thank you. It’s called my home. I have a huge dog, a shotgun and a sign way out to the front of my property that says:
Mean people and morons will be shot on sight".


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