CCP emailed Feedback Survey

CCP this morning emailed out a Feedback Survey of how players feel about Eve Online. And the last portion of the survey was an open ended text box of we could write how we feel in our own words.

Please God that they will read and listen to many of the surveys.

If they love their game then they will surely read them and accept decent criticism, because I can understand how demoralising it can be if some idiot decides to spam crap in these surveys rather than doing things right to help the company grow.

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Wow by the way, after spending months in Jita. I am in Amarr Trade hub. I like their golden UI colors. I didn’t know that Interface and Market UI changes color between factions. I guess Jita is kind of bland of blue and grey.

Must be omega only because I didn’t get it.

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Yes I would believe so. I definitely have and only play an Omega account. Sorry mate. You didn’t miss much it was very short. I believe it was an Executive Order given by a higher-up at CCP. It is a Monday of a new week of they want to get things moving.

Must be more than just being Omega, because I didn’t get it and got a total of 3 accounts Omega

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I don’t know why then. Either it’s because I am Gay or I have a very old account. Or you know what maybe its for my very brand new Alpha Account.

I am sure its related with the account. Odds are you need to be Omega and been in the game for a while. I’ve played years back but returned only a few months back.

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Most likely they are only asking certain players so they can get the answers they want.


They never read what I wrote there. They even made everything opposite to what I wanted. :pensive:


My money is on the gay angle.

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Wish mine offered a text box. Mine asked if they could do a telephone interview which I had to decline. I don’t really have the time to sit down and talk but would have welcomed the opportunity to write things down.


I don’t think CCP would make decisions on whether you identify as gay or not. I’m guessing they are basing it on what kind of porn you watch.

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Man im just going to tell it like it is, since CCP cant stand hearing raw truth… but simply put…

Dear CCP,

Fawk your Surveys you never listen to the results… you never do… lets be real here and think about it, cause if you did actually read the results and posted them… then you wouldn’t have fawked up in the 1st place causing surveys needing to be sent out.

there now everyone copy this and reply back to the survey… do you think ccp will listen? this isn’t a trick question…

Yeah, sure, whatever community reps are left will be more than happy to take all the survey results and summarize the comment sections for upper management. Probably a pie chart, or maybe a word cloud.

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I have only been playing for a few months, and I revert to Alpha in a few days. However, I did get a survey. I had no text box at the end of it to add any additional information. However, I did indicate that I prefer PvE over PvP, but that doesn’t mean I won’t participate in PvP, I just prefer to choose my battles as my situation dictates. Otherwise, I prefer mining and R&D/Industrial stuff. Each of us has an opportunity to “live” in New Eden as we see fit, insofar as Eve Online permits, and we each build our own story from there. I think the point of the survey is to gauge how we each choose to live our story in New Eden, even as CCP considers futures updates and expansions.

Survey? What survey? I havent gotten an email.

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