Open Letter to CCP reloaded

Needs more tinfoil hat.

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I agree. The game UI is total crap :laughing:

How about a navy omen?

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Who am I gonna fight in my t1/meta fit t1 frig-bc? Nobody logging in. T2 modules are at an all time high cost, to the point that some faction and ded versions of certain modules are actually cheaper. People want to yolo dick faction cruisers and t1 battleships. To do that economically they need to build them. Well… they used to. Now they dont fly that stuff because they can’t replace it.

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No…no they aren’t.

got an example with proof as shown above, of a T2 mod thats “all time high” cost?

The thing here , for example is that currently a standard freigther, for example was producable (post patch) for 1.6-1.8B. Currently the prices increases up to 7B. What is this ? The whole composition has changed also.

I for myself like that change, but i have not the tools to work with that.have to re-evaluate all my spreadsheets. do all the reaction calculations again, etc…

That is what i meant with having it - “pelase deliver the tools” -|> at CCP Direction.

If those numbers are correct no wonder the life is draining from this game. What in the actual @#$# would any dev be thinking to create such a change.

Hey guys - we have a reward system called a game — now we’re going to drastically dial back the reward you get from playing but please buy more plex!

Unfair. Try this:

Hey guys - we have a game system that has a coughing engine and one or two structural flaws, but we are not going to land the plane so you passengers can get off gracefully, were going to do the repairs in-flight.
Don’t mind the global “turbulence”, contributing to your current discomfort, here is some in flight dist-entertainment for you to watch while we tinker with the turbines.

To make it inconvenient is a point. People will pay for convenience. There CCP walks in, all in white, showing you promotions.

This is where we can agree to disagree. We pay money to play this game. The exchange of currency gives us some merit, not a god given on mind you, to express an opinion.

I don’t think a broken game should be fixed on the backs of the players nor do I think we should roll over and take it like many of you want to.

CCP is a business and needs to get some things together. This koombiya moment of banding together to fix eve— that boat sailed when CCP decided to take the design of the game into their own hands.

They can’t make summary decisions and ask the community to grin and bear. If there was to be marketed some type of Cleanup New Eden campaign it should be communicated as such.

You can have your broken spaceship comparison - I pay CCP to fix the ship and keep it fun at the same time. Smart people can do that - its called Game Development.

Eighty percent of Iceland and I suspect a similar majority of the UK is Immuno-compromised for one reason or another. Keeping the friendship machine afloat will be miraculous.

Thanks for your business! Your opinion is very important to us! Please hold…