For The old Guys Out there, I mean toons over 10 years old

I can see CCP is trying to fix the game, And The CSM (well some of them are positive for eves future) But what about you old guys, (the foundation of Eve Online) Do you think CCP can make the game great again, Or do you think they have done so much damage and nerfs to there main player base , its gonna be a hard road, getting back to a thriving living universe.


How should I say this not to offend anyone, because that’s the last thing I want to do.

I started back in 2009, when “everything was possible”. That was EVE, big time. I quitted in 2016. By that time, my whole “world” was nerfed. Now I’m sniffing around again because I miss PVP, but it feels like it just got worse. The whole game feels like a politically correct Disney movie.

No offense to anyone, but nerfing the game to the level an amoeba can get by just to get new players subscribe kills the original soul of the game imo. But that’s just me.


It is allegedly a sandbox, so it should not be CCP making the game great but instead the players. If CCP are adapting playstyles it is only because things have stagnated and people are spending too much time reminiscing on the past.


That may be true. But the past had numbers.


CCP seems to have lost the energy that originally created this game.


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Ya think…

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I agree, CCP has destroyed EVE its now just a sad echo of a great game.


I stopped playing in september 2022, and i thought i would miss ,the game and my m8,s. But my m8,s have all left and we play different games now. CCP Killed EVE. And I think they may be done.

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Not only energy but also the vision. Instead of being the mavericks, they just follow whatever fad the market demands.

I started playing in 2011 when they released Incursion. That was one great experience. One could argue that this was the beginning of mass farming without having to search for content, but it also allowed people to form communities for something else than sov and people from different communities could come together to form an overarching group. Sadly, it was also the start of CCP not following through with ideas. Instead of turning this into a cluster-encompassing experience that allows you to interact with both sides (Sansha on one, the Empires on the other, and maybe even third parties from the other pirate factions) to assist and sabotage, expand and repel, gain and lose things in the process (systems, stations, convoys in dynamic environments, missions, exploration, escalations, etc), it devolved into a grind fest. Since then, grind fests have been CCP’s go-to mechanism for content. Incursions? Grinding. Drifters? Grinding. Trigs? Grinding.

On top of that comes lacking development quality. Every single feature they have released in the last 10 years was riddled with bugs that should have never made it into the game if the features had been tested more, and if CCP had listened to players who told them what was wrong or what will go wrong if they release a feature as it was. This went hand in hand with talent drainage over the years. The Intern-jokes are a stable of the industry, but many of CCP’s features really felt like they were developed by 1 week middle school job orientation interns and not developers with years of experience.

So, we have lacking energy, lacking vision, chasing fads without regard for the consequences (Rorquals and supers, anyone? CCP introduced these mind-boggling buffs against all better advice and then blamed the players for almost killing EVE) and disastrous development quality. If they turn all that around, they are setup to make EVE better again, at the very least. Some signs like the faction campaigns point in the right direction. Surey, they were also ridiculous grind fests, but at least players could do something to interact with the Empires. Sadly, CCP already stopped that again for the time being and instead of allowing players to help and shape the new FW Headquarters or aid the Gallente Federation or Intaki people in Intaki to either better establish the Gallente foothold in the systems or work against the Federation to free the Intaki, every thing happens behind the scenes and players cannot interact with this at all outside of fluffy talk on forums or discords and reading up on the news.

All in all: There are signs of betterment, but I am not at all convinced that CCP has what it takes to make a better EVE again.


CCP could always make the game great again. I personally put very low probabilities to that.

But I had a 9.7 year hiatus, so I have the curse of remembering the game „how it was“ 10 years ago during Incarna release, right next to my memories of Scarcity. I don’t expect anyone currently around to understand how jarring that is nor understand what that’s like.

Except maybe other folks who also are old farts who also have a timeskip in their gameplay.

I am going to go out on a very lonely (it would seem) limb here.

I think the game is in a really good state. I started in 2003. I am not saying that there aren’t things that need some attention, but it does feel like there is a plan and it seems that CCP are implementing it quite well.


I think the question of fixing the game is very subjective. I doubt you could get a reasonable plurality to agree how to fix the game even if a majority of interested players agreed the game needs fixing instead of just some tweaking.

Granted I haven’t really played the game much over the last ten years, but much of what I really enjoyed about the old game was change (or fixed) to make things easier or more friendly for newer players.

That’s the fallacy CCP has fallen into, with wasted effort on the “new player experience” and other garbage content (like killing Highsec PvP, introducing instanced PvE, and turning nullsec into an endless structure grind). You don’t attract new players by catering to them, you only attract them by generating content for people who already play (and they will encourage friends to play). CCP has spent ten years trying to dumb the game down, to get more new players, and instead they’ve lost much of their player base.


I think they are on their way. I’ve played from 2008-2014, then on and off again, mostly off… I experienced many parts of the game, commanded capital fleets, spreadsheet warrior my way through industry, I felt like I did it all and the game was growing stale until I just stopped logging in. Then I heard about the Rorqual buffs, the proliferation of capitals, the inflation, then Scarscity happened, I was intrigued, I invested a bit but it just wasn’t there yet. I stopped paying attention to EVE at all.

But I came back just before Uprising and with the first Faction Campaign. I felt like I could influence the world of EVE again, even if it was just helping the Amarr gain stellar transmuter data. Industry had added complexity, there was more play and counter-play with various levels of combat, but more importantly, I got into Faction Warfare. This was a whole new area of the game that I ignored, mostly just told that it’s just boring money grind. I found that those claims were largely exaggerated, or outdated.

I found a place I could experience both small and medium sized fleet warfare, and I could also have 1v1 engagements. It made the systems bigger for me, many fights could be occurring in the same system, the sum of which affected the outcome of the system as a whole. This was what I wanted sov/null life to be like, but had to suffer with the large all or nothing fights pitting hundreds or thousands of players against each other. I could choose to be in the back lines, working logistics and industry to keep fighters on the frontlines, or I can join the fight myself.

I find that my characters have purpose again and goals. Even though I’ve done it all before I had stopped playing, I now have renewed ambition. I hope other areas of the game can see renewed life and that as faction warfare gets more love, its systems that are well received can spread so more can enjoy them.

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Almost 10 years here … I’m approaching EvE now with a more relaxed, no commitment attitude. I’m quite happy in my current niche, where I only do what I like. Had to change my playstyle multiple times over the years, usually forced by a CCP change to the game. Some changes were net good, some net bad. At the end the game just evolved.

In general EvE now is more balanced than at times in the past, which is IMO not necessarily a good thing, because excitement and opportunities come from (temporary) imbalance. Also I’m concerned about the trend to micro-manage every aspect to avoid these imbalances.

There was one moment 3 years ago where I was about to commit to something the first time … Pochven … will never make that mistake again. I’m not sure what happens when they force me out of my current niche, but so far there was always a new one to occupy.

EvE is still the game you always can come back to fool around some hours, and the community and PvP-aspects make each session unique. Didn’t find another game offering that.


I left in 2016 i was a bit annoyed with devs after they introduced t3,'s with the abilities and subs to run links not long after i had obtained fc5 5555 and most of the racial command ships (was a slap in the face for such a long skill set train) but it was only partially the reason i eventually left …the main being real life.
I cant speak for the last 7 years but it looks good …will atleast be resubbing to find out for myself soon.

Old players are not the foundation, new players are. If EVE could not gat a stream of new players it would be long dead.


Guess I’m an old player, been here since 2008…

I highly doubt CCP can make the game great again. There’s been way too many changes done to recapture that awe inspiring feeling of doing what you want in this game. This game is no longer a sandbox, they’ve turned it into a scripted theme park that they direct. They’re completely focused on constantly chasing the latest FOTM fad. They don’t listen to the playerbase and will just implement whatever tickles their fancy without doing any beta testing. Most of the time they won’t say anything and if they do say something, they usually end up doing the opposite of what they said. The quality of their programming work is sub-par and takes multiple fixes just to bring it up to par.

Yeah, guess I’m a bitter Vet…